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April 13, 2020

How To Be Resilient: 5 Secrets To Mental Toughness (Pandemic Edition) by Eric Barker

This is from a great Blog written by the author of Barking Up the Wrong Tree. To become more resilient whether you are in a pandemic or dealing with challenges from our normal life, there are five things that will strengthen your resiliency:

  • Positive self-talk: When you talk to you make sure you are nice to you.
  • Physical fitness: Stress your body a little bit every day and it will handle the big stresses to come that much better.
  • Make it a game: Obstacles in life make us want to quit. Meanwhile, games drive us to keep playing until we win. So make life a game.
  • Humor: If a laugh a day got Joe Asher through Ranger School, it’ll get you through quarantine.
  • Embracing Meaning via a community.

Here is the link to the entire Blog post - It is really worth the read. Enjoy!

Virtual Vaping Forum - April 14th - Thank you for Getting the Word out to Your Communities!

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Pre-Crisis COVID19 Intervention for KISD Staff - This is an optional resource for those interested in learning more about response and better prepare for the coming months.

In response to the accelerating spread of the Covid19 virus, the intervention counseling department of Keller ISD has created this Pre-Crisis COViD19 Intervention. It is designed to help decrease the fear and the anxiety that is rampant at this time and replace it with increased confidence and calmness.

It is estimated that at some point in this pandemic you will know someone who tests positive with this virus. It may be a student, a co-worker, or a relative. You may be worried about how you will react or what you might say. The intervention team is offering you another layer that adds comfort and safety to your life. This pre-crisis intervention will help you to better prepare for those moments by giving you the opportunity to think and talk about it before that moment arrives.

This is how it will work. A team of three intervention counselors will lead you step-by-step virtually through the pre-crisis process. We will begin with an overview of the situation and where we are now. Counselors will ask about what fears and emotions may be coming to the surface and how you are handling these. You may participate or you may choose to just listen to others, whatever makes you more comfortable.

We will be offering these sessions during the week of April 13th. There will be a one hour morning session and a one-hour afternoon session. You may choose whichever one best suits your schedule.

Tuesday, April 14
AM Session | 10-11 a.m. (296215)
PM Session | 3-4 p.m. (875316)

Wednesday, April 15
AM Session | 10-11 a.m. (030933)
PM Session | 3-4 p.m. (002097)

Thursday, April 16
AM Session | 10-11 a.m. (007117)
PM Session | 3-4 p.m. (024133)

Friday, April 17
AM Session | 10-11 a.m. (747209)
PM Session | 3-4 p.m. (271094)

Marcene Weatherall will be happy to answer questions about this incredible support for our people. Thank you!

Assistant Principal Updates and Information

  • Great resources for families in the areas of counseling and SEL - Updated often
1. New SEL Counseling Families

2. Counseling Activities for Families

3. Keller Counseling Support for KISD Staff

  • Beginning the week of April 13th, food distribution will be adjusted to two days a week. Mondays - 2 days of food will be distributed and then Wednesdays - 3 days of food will be provided. Parents who do not have their children with them will be asked to provide a name or ID for Sodexo reimbursement purposes. (note: however, no family will be denied food)

  • On-line registration for next year will begin the week of April 27th. We will have an admin overview soon. For now be aware that on Friday, April 17, 2020, from 10:00 am -12:00 noon will be conducted for all office staff responsible for pre-registration and online enrollment during the school year and summer for your campus.

  • Transfer Window ends on May 3rd - please let kinder and first-grade parents know when they inquire during on-line registration.

Aeries - Training Updates

  • Discipline Training - Week of April 13 (**PLEASE NOTE** This course has changed. It is now discipline focused only. Interventions will be handled later in the summer of first part of 2021 school year.

  • Elementary Startup, Elementary Daily Attendance - Week of April 20

  • Secondary Startup, Secondary Period Attendance - Week of April 20

  • Teacher Portal/Gradebook Competencies - Week of April 20 (Invitation Only)

  • Transcripts & Course History - May 6

  • Counseling Tools/Academic Plans - May 7

  • If you are part of the campus administrative staff ( non-instructional) please attend where you fit in.

  • Logins for the Aeries system will be available on April 30, 2020.

  • In the meantime, make use of the demo system and videos as time permits.

  • Adminstrative training (EDC 901/902) is being planned.

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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Campus Walk - New Look for April 25th!!

Show us how #KellerCares!

Our first-ever American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) campus walk was scheduled for April 25. In light of our efforts to flatten the curve and prevent the spread of Covid-19, we’re shifting our walk to a digital event that will allow the families of Keller ISD to participate from their homes!

How can you support this effort? Pick one or more of these ways:

· Join or create a team for the event! All you have to do is click here:

· Donate to the cause at the same link above

· Dress up as a superhero, because caring about each other really is a super power!

· Take a walk with your family

· Have a game night with your family

· Sidewalk chalk messages of care around your neighborhood

· Wear the color to show your connection to the suicide prevention cause.

o Blue – supports the cause

o Teal – supporting someone who struggles or has attempted

o Green – A personal struggle or attempt

o White – loss of a child

o Red – Loss of a spouse or partner

o Gold – Loss of a parent

o Orange – Loss of a sibling

o Purple – Loss of a relative or friend

o Silver – Loss of a first responder or military

How will people share how they participated with us? FlipGrid! We’ll be setting up a FlipGrid where people can load their videos that show how they supported the cause of suicide prevention and showed how #KellerCares. If they want to share to social media, we ask they use our hashtag!

On April 25 we will have an online event with special guest(s) and will review some of the FlipGrid submissions together as a culminating event. We can’t wait to see all the amazing ways our community can show that #KellerCares!

Stay tuned for more information as this event takes shape!

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