JCE Monday Notes

February 8, 2016

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, February 9 - 3rd Grade Power Planning

Tuesday, February 9 - Math Interims 2nd-5th Grades

Wednesday, February 10 - Faculty Meeting

Thursday, February 11 - 4th Grade Power Planning

Thursday, February 11 - Crazy Hair Day

Friday, February 12 - NO SCHOOL

Monday, February 15 - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, February 16 - Professional Development Day (No Students)

From Admin

It sure was a busy weekend at Johns Creek! We are very thankful that so many of you gave up your precious family time to join us for the after hours activities at the Father/Daughter Dance, the chorus singing at the Gladiators hockey game, and the collaborative session at EdCamp. Events like these are made extra special by your participation!

This week is busy too with Interims being given in grades 2 through 5. Thank you for everyone's flexibility in the schedule these next couple of days as we complete the testing sessions and make-up sessions. We will try to give make-ups Wednesday and Thursday, but with so many students absent on Monday, it may take until next week to get all students tested. You will be notified when we will be pulling students for make-ups.

Hope your week is wonderful! It's a short week with a LONG weekend, and you can wear jeans each day if you helped support March of Dimes. :)

Alyssa, Jennifer, Robin, & Barb

Visitors to JCE—Wednesday, 2/10/16

We have rescheduled the visit from a few weeks back with the team of teachers and administrators from South Heart Elementary. They will be visiting us this Wednesday (2/10) to see the amazing teaching and learning going on in our JCE classrooms! Thank you again to Danette and Barb for working with the school on their professional learning needs and creating a schedule for them to tour some of our classrooms. We have no doubt they could tour every room and walk away learning something new. Those who are scheduled to host visitors already have those details. We wanted everyone to be aware of the visit so you know who the people are walking around and you never know if they may stop by additional rooms on their way out and about.

Intent Form for 16-17

Just a reminder that your purple intent form is due today to Alyssa. Again, this preliminary information will be reviewed as we begin to look at K-5 needs once we get projections for next year and begin planning for the 16-17 school year in the coming months.

Spring Formative Observations

We will finish our last walkthroughs in February and will begin the next formative rounds in March. Please click on the link below to schedule your Formative Observation #2. This observation will be done by your main TKES administrator. If you have a question as to who to sign up for, just let us know. Please sign up for a one hour block of time, but know that we may not be there right at that start time, we will be there for 30 mins within that window. Please do not wait on us to start an activity/lesson. Please note, based on each administrators schedule, some days have specific time slots available for slot 1 or 2. We are looking forward to seeing the great learning going on in your classrooms and the growth your students have made since fall.


A, J and R

From County

District Collaboration Day on Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 8:00 until 11:30 AM: Click HERE to view the most current master schedule for job-alike groups in each LAC Cluster.

Kennesaw State University (KSU) has received approval from the GaPSC for an online M.Ed. and online Ed.S. in Instructional Technology. It's great to have online degrees from a CREDIBLE and AFFORDABLE institution in Georgia! Our faculty are nationally known and recognized for their work in Instructional Technology at the state and national levels. KSU is ready to prepare your teachers to leverage technology for 21st century teaching and learning.
These online degree programs lead to the NEW GaPSC S-certification (Service) in Instructional Technology upon passing the GACE and will result in an upgrade to an existing teaching certificate (T-5 or T-6).

We are now admitting students for Summer 2016 - APRIL 1 DEADLINE! Please FORWARD to your teachers, media specialists, tech specialists, curriculum directors, or other individuals who can help us spread the word. We appreciate it.

For more information, check out the links below.

M.Ed. in Instructional Technology (online) -

Ed.S. in Instructional Technology (online) -

Ed.D. in Instructional Technology (online) -
You must already have certification in Instructional Technology to apply for the Ed.D. program.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help!

Curriculum & Instruction

For more Science Passages and Research-Based Question Sets go to: http://www.readworks.org/spotlight-on-science

Grade 5 MATH Teachers - Georgia Standards of Excellence have adopted the inclusive definition of a trapezoid, meaning that it is defined as a quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides. All FCS 2015-16 assessments have been updated to reflect this definition. Here is a link to a great video that illustrates why this definition makes sense. http://safeshare.tv/v/ss56aa7885e3e9c

Seven Principals to happiness in Education:

· Maintaining Uplifting Associations - We are an amazing staff with many positive people. Find the people who uplift you and return the favor. Have patience with, but don’t encourage the Debbie Downers.

· Align Actions with Beliefs - You know what to teach, you even know how to teach it, but do you remember why you are a teacher?

· Accomplish Hard Work - We can do hard things! This is my family’s motto. Do you have a motto that puts your feet in the right direction when life gets tough?

· Focus on the Children - Some will need love, some will need structure, most just need you and your love of teaching. Positive motivation does not come by being cut to the core. Their life’s experiences will do that for you.

· Share What We Have - This not only means worksheets and projects, but it means; personal genius, time, laughter, love, best practices.

· Belong to a Family- Not only to you belong to your biological family, but you belong to our JCE family. We have success and failures just like any family, but every day we are together we become better, wiser, and stronger.

· Be a Peacemaker - “Cultivate the art of the soft answer. It will bless your homes, it will bless your lives.” Gordon B. Hinkley

Counselor's Corner


Kindergarten and First grade will begin their rotation with me on Monday, February 8th. Due to days off, we will not complete our rotation until March 7th. We will be looking at a Career Cluster Overview lesson for our first time in this rotation.

Suicide Prevention:

We will be viewing a short video about Suicide prevention this week at the staff meeting. There are new laws that make this a mandatory viewing/training for all teachers. I will have a sign in sheet available, so please be sure to sign that you have received this training!

Counselor Appreciation Week:

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for everything last week. It really touched my heart. :) I feel silly that there is a separate week for counselors, but I do want you to know how much you all mean to me! I feel so very, very lucky to work with such a fantastic group of people. You are the best!!

Please let me know if you need anything!

Have a great week,


Technology & Media


Don't forget about our optional itslearning session tomorrow afternoon. We will be learning how to create groups and changing permissions for assignments so that only certain students can access them. This is a wonderful (and EASY) way to differentiate using itslearning!



Please forward the following to your distribution lists……


Mark your calendars! The Spring Book Fair will be March 3-11.

*Our Book Fairs provide the majority of funding for our Media Center to purchase more books and academic materials for our students and teachers.

*It takes an average of 65 volunteers over the course of the week to run the Fair properly (from set-up to take-down). We cannot be successful without

volunteers. Please consider volunteering.

All Book Fair volunteers receive a 10% discount. To volunteer, please click on the signup genius link http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0445afaf28a6fb6-jcespring

Encourage your children to read by supporting the Book Fair! Contact Annette Fye afye@forsyth.k12.ga.us with any questions.

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