The Cores of Nutrition


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Eating Healthy!

Eating healthy can help your emotional, physical, mental, and social health. With this your body can run with full wellness. With emotional health can help with coping and dealing with your feelings making you feel better! Physical health can help you lift those heavy Bar Bells and make you feel good. Social, interaction with other people can help when your sad and in the lows, so go enjoy that time with your friends. Mental, Coping with life demands, dealing with stress, your teacher give you a big Essay or your boss nagging you about those papers you haven't turned in, mental health helps you with dealing with that stress.
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Healthy Smoothy Recipe!


1/4 a cup of strawberries

! whole banana

Crushed Ice

!/2 a cup of milk

Blend until it has good color, and is smooth.

Now go and enjoy!

Eating on a budget?

It is possible to eat on a budget, and it can be healthy to! You could make a healthy soup from scratch then if you have left overs put it in the fridge and when your hungry reheat it and enjoy! I recommend's "My Best Clam Chowder"