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Earlier today, William Harvey proved that blood circulates through the body. He has been observing animals hearts. He realized that the amount of blood issuing from the heart was too much for muscle tissue to absorb. He also notices blood only flows in the direction of the heart, proving blood circulates back to the heart.

Shah Jahan Crowned Ruler of Mughal Empire

After his father passed, he inherited the throne. He has stated he is eager to expand his empire, just like his grandfather. He has already imprisoned his step mother, and executed his brother and a few of his nephews and cousins. He was now ruling his empire with contention.

Swedish Ship "Vasa" Sinks on her Voyage

This war ship sunk outside the Stockholm harbor. This being one of the best Swedish war ships, they are very upset. Strong gusts of wind forced the ship to crash. At least 30 people are dead, and thousands watched as it happened.

First American Educational Institute is Opened

This independent school for boys is now open. This is the first school to be opened. This school is for K-12. At first it was going to be co-ed, but they decided against it.