The One and Only Ivan

Katherine Applegate

Reviewed by Patricia, Grade 5

This book, The One and Only Ivan was about a gorilla (Ivan) and two elephants (Stella and Ruby). They live in a Big Top Mall, at Exit 8. Every the gorilla, Ivan sits and sometimes talks to Stella in his cage/domain. Stella is an elephant in the domain next to Ivan’s. Every day,week,and/or month is boring, but then one day something happens. Ivan plans and plans to make things better. Also every night Julia and her dad comes to the mall(her dad works there.)

I liked The One and Only Ivan it had great writing it also had a Newbery Award Medal on it. I also thought The One and Only Ivan was interesting, so I just wanted to keep reading.

This book doesn’t really have chapters so if you don’t mind then it’s a fine book so far for you. I would recommend this book to kids in 3rd-5th grade. Other people might like it but you might think it is boring. Some parts are funny in the book and some are sad.