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Library Ministry - Park Cities Baptist Church - July 2019

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In this Issue:

  • Volunteers Wanted
  • Summer Reading Club Update
  • Next Ladies Book Brunch: Sept. 28
  • Suggestions Wanted
  • Looking for Published Authors in PCBC Family
  • GBG Wrap Up (14 boxes gone, 42 to Men of Nehemiah)
  • Dig Deeper - Romans Road Trip Sermon Series
  • New Titles
  • Follow Us on Instagram
  • Year of the Bible Resources
  • Log On Tips
  • Summer Hours

Love for our Volunteers

Almost anyone who visited our Library in the last seven years had the pleasure of meeting Phil Howell, our long-time volunteer. Phil put in long hours keeping track of our books and our patrons on weekdays. A chance to spend more time with his grandsons in Arlington came up, and Phil took it. We are so very grateful for Phil’s years of service and dedication.

And we are trying very hard to fill the spaces he left! Already, we’ve recruited some wonderful new volunteers, but we need more, and we will need people this fall. Interested? Call or come see us for more information. If you like, sign up online by clicking the button below.

Summer Reading Club

This has been the best Summer Reading Club ever! We signed up almost 50 kids and 10 adults. Here are just a few of our pix.

Notice the photo of Edy Flippin, one of our first ADULT members of Summer Reading Club. Adults have had as much fun earning cool prizes as the kids. The only difference is that adults set their own reading goals. Edy’s goal was to read for an hour each day. Another patron challenged herself to read several different genres of books. We are extending the finishing date for children from July 14 till July 28. The Adult version will extend to August 11.

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Ladies Book Brunch

Saturday, Sep. 28th, 10am

The Loft, Park Cities Baptist Church

Choose a book to read from the three listed below (when you sign up online) and we’ll discuss it in small groups. Come for light refreshments and plenty of fellowship as PCBC and Concord women get to know one another better.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Sign up for Sept. 28 Ladies Book Brunch

This event will be free of charge, but PLEASE register online using this button. (If you have trouble registering online, just call Emily Martin at 214-860-3993 or email

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We Treasure Your Suggestions

Running the PCBC Library is a collaborative effort. We want to hear any great ideas you might have. Is there a book or author we need to know about? Do you have ideas for how we can interact with our patrons or the church family more effectively? Would you like to see the PCBC Library in a different location? Whatever you think we should know, tell us. We set up a special Suggestion Box in the front of the Library. Take a minute and fill out one of our suggestion slips. Or as always, you can email or call us.

ISO PCBC Authors

There are more than 11,000 members of Park Cities Baptist Church. We are confident that among them are some published authors, and we want to know who they are. If you have published a book, or if you know a church member who has, please let us know. Call, come by, or email. There might be a festival or other celebration on the horizon!
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Great Book Giveaway: Christmas in June Edition

We had a quick Great Book Giveaway in early June. About 300 books found their way into the hands of patrons and church staff. The remaining 42 boxes, about 800 books, went to the Men of Nehemiah. This Great Book Giveaway was a blessing to everyone: Those who took books got some interesting treasures. The Men of Nehemiah got plenty of books to read and ponder. And we were able to move out some books that haven’t been part of our collection for years. Thanks to everyone who came and participated
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Take Books on Your Road Trip!

Roman Road - Dig Deeper Booklist

There are still several weeks for our summer sermon series, Romans Road Trip. Here’s a list of the books we have in our collection about the book of Romans.

Link to OPAC Booklists

Don’t forget that we put up lots of Book Lists on our online catalog, OPAC. So if you are going on your own road trip this summer, or just having a nice staycation here, come by the PCBC Library for some great reading.

New Additions to the PCBC Library Collection

Here are some of the new books that we’ve added to the Library Collection. Also, we’ve added a bunch of new titles to our OverDrive collection of e-books and downloadable audiobooks.

Fiction Titles

Non-Fiction Titles

Children's Titles

Link to the PCBC Online Catalog - OPAC

Use it to learn more about these books and all the others in our collection. Log in with your username and password, and you can reserve, renew or even review books. Contact the Library for more information.

Follow us on Instagram!

Inspired to read more by the books above? The best way to find a good read is through recommendations from friends, and of course, your favorite librarians. Follow us on Instagram to find more great content and reading suggestions. You will find many suggestions in our stories. Click on the blue circles to check out our Highlights for Reader Recommendations and New Books. Watch for future Highlights focusing on Children's Literature, our Digital Collection, Librarian Picks, and special events. Keep up with the latest happenings in the PCBC Library. Tell all your book loving friends to follow us!

Click on the image above to go directly to our Instagram Account - or look for us on Insta as pcbclibrary.

As you keep up with your daily reading in our Year of the Bible, you might want to explore each book in more depth. Follow these links for Book Lists to more books for each section.

The Exile and Beyond

I and II Chronicles

Remember, all you have to do to see other Book Lists, is go to the PCBC Catalog and click on the LIST tab.

Click the Right Button

There’s a new member database at Park Cities Baptist Church. It’s known as TouchPoint, and it’s a treasure trove of useful information. When you go to the PCBC website, you’ll find a Member Login button in the upper right hand corner of each page. It couldn’t be easier to log on and check out your member profile.

But – if you want to access our online patron access catalog, OPAC, don’t confuse the Member Logon button on the Library page with the Account Log On, which is on the Library Catalog.See the Screenshots below for clarification.

It’s just a little confusing if you’re a newbie at this. So check it out and give us a call if you have trouble logging in to OPAC. Hint: You can get directly to our OPAC page and log on using our FREE Librista app on your phone. Or if you’re at your computer, use our tinyurl –
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Summer Library Hours

It’s feeling like summer and the PCBC Library will have shorter days, starting May 21.

Library Ministry Summer Hours

Sunday: 8:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Closed Monday, Friday, Saturday

For more information, call 214-860-3993, or email your librarians, Emily Martin,, or Linda Wachel,