Chinese Cinderella Reading Project

By: Brooke Greer

Character Analysis

Adeline is the youngest of five kids in her family. She is the 'ugly duckling' in her family. The only people she is close to is her grandparents and her aunt Baba. She is very smart and had an outstanding role in her school. Even though she was abused by her step mom and siblings, she overcomes it and shines bright through her school.

Plot line

Exposition: The main character: Adeline, Niang; Step mom

minor characters: Ye Ye; Adeline's grandpa, Nai Nai; Adeline's grandma

Throughout the story they are in Hong Kong, Shang Hai, and England.

Rising Action:

  • The Japanese took over and her dad moved away with her step mom
  • When she moved away with her dad
  • Her grandmother died
  • Her step mom abuses her


  • She is sent off to boarding school

Falling Action:

  • She wins the writing contest and becomes class president
  • Whenever her father accepts her to be able to go to a college in England
  • She was the only girl left in school
  • Her father took her back home after he found out that she won first prize and allowed her to study at England in a medical school.


  • She graduated from medical school


Adeline was shipped off to a boarding school in Hong Kong when she was young. Her mother had died and it had disturbed her whole family. She was the outcast in her own families eyes. She was only close to her grandparents and aunt. Her dad was gone and her step mom had taken care of her and her siblings, she abused Adeline. Throughout her abusing, she shined through the academic. She won a writing contest and when she did her father brought her back home and allowed her to go to England to study since she was doing so well. She eventually graduated from Oxnard University.