Mrs. Barrett's Team Adventures

September 19, 2016

Dear UMAC Families,

This week, we are excited to begin our first week of guided reading and literacy stations. After modeling our expectations of each station, our students have demonstrated the ability to complete the tasks independently. These differentiated tasks will provide our students the support to grow as readers. We will be monitoring their work by collecting their reader’s notebook each week. Please ask your child what skills they are learning throughout the week at our literacy stations and the goals that we are setting as literacy learners.


Michelle Barrett


New friends: This week in math, our students are learning how to apply the inverse relationship of subtraction to addition. They are talking with their teammates as we work through this strategy by sharing how adding/subtracting is a partnership. This is important for them to know as we review column addition and subtraction since this will support their accuracy.

Old friends: Our mathematicians will be learning how to add and subtract mixed numbers with unlike denominators. As we discussed at Parent Night, it is extremely important for the students to know their multiplication facts in order to make this skill less difficult. We appreciate your support at home in helping your child master these facts!

Dates to Remember:

9/22 Annie movement audition 3:30-5

9/28 Early release (2:00 pm dismissal)