Magical Minds Think Alike

By: Madison, Ericka, Courtney, and Megan

Humor to Blossom

The magical world,

No matter how advanced,

Nothing has much power then the four lovers.

Through woods they go ,

Off Demetrius,

With Helena close behind,

For Demetrius's love for Helena is blind,

For Helena thinks, "Don't ever give up on the one's you love

for once you have a spark

your dog may never bark."

Such a little life,

Not yet learned,

For Puck the fairy,

put the potion on the wrong berry.

A quality of warmth and joy,

Made not only Demetrius but Lysander fall for dear Helena.

Leaving Hermia in the dust,

Making her feel like crust.

Oberon sees the disgust,

and grabs Puck by the ear,

treating him like a deer.

Off goes Puck to fix his mistake,

Making Lysander see the beauty of Hermia's cake.

There the four lovers lie,

asleep on the sparkling hay.

Till morning dawn they will lay.