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Kalea Casteel

The Coastal Sand Plains Eco-region and the effects of W,E,D.

First,what is Weathering/erosion/deposition?

Weathering could be mechanical or physical processes that break down rocks on Earth's Surface.

Erosion is the process of rocks being moved to one place to another.

Deposition is the process of rocks being dropped off by wind,water....etc.

Wildlife in the region:

There is a lot of wildlife in the Coastal Sand Plains region.Here are a few:

  • White-tailed Deer
  • Wild Turkey
  • Bobwhite Quail
  • Javelina
  • Feral Hog
  • Nilgai Antelope
Information from http://www.elsauzranch.com/habitat/coastalsandplains.html

Weathering/erosion/deposition in the region:

Weathering causes big sand dunes by breaking down a bunch of rocks,and here's were the other process come in at by Erosion carrying all the sand that has been broken down and wind blowing sand and then Deposition happens by depositing all the sand in big piles that make sand dunes.

Another part of weathering is when chemical mix with water and produce something called acid rain.The type of weathering is called chemical weathering.

The picture below shows the process of acid rain reshaped a rock.

Big image
Big image

Recreational activities in my Eco-region:Tourism

One really big tourism attraction is the King Ranch.

The history of King Ranch is very interesting.Its that a man that was a jeweler and a boy that was enslaved by him.The young boy (Richard King)was restless and adventuresome.

He was a fast learner and soon rose up in the steam boat business on the Alabama and Florida river soon becoming a captain.

Learn more by going this site.



The highest temperature is 77 degrees, although the temp. can get up to the 90's in the summer,but in the winter it can get to below freezing point and the highest then is the 50's.

There hot summers and cold winters and a few freezes.

Precipitation is very high,mostly along the coast.It mostly has 24-28 inches of precipitation.



Land forms:

One of the land form are big giant sand dunes.


Tall grass,prairie with live oak woodlands,mesquite Savannah, and salt marshes,formerly known as "Wild Horse Prairie" now it is mostly grazed by cattle.

Information from classroom.ldisd.net/users/.../12_s070502h_ecoregions_of_texas_ppt.ppt‎