Things I Learned about France

Welcome to France

In France the flag is blue, white, and red.
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Where in the World

My country that I am researching is France. France is the second biggest country in Europe. In France the capital city is Paris. The population in France is 58.6 million people.

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The People

In France the main language is French. In France kids must go to must go to school from 6-16. There is no school on Wednesday afternoons. In some towns there is school on Saturdays instead of Wednesday. France is well known for its fine cooking and good restaurants.

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Off to Work

In France the people make cheese and wine. They also make automobiles, electronics, and clothing. Tourism is also a huge industry in France.

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Things to Do and See

Weekends are a chance to enjoy the outdoors together. Many French enjoy fishing, hunting, or having a family picnic. Visitors crowd the beaches in summer. France is full of treasures from its long and rich history.

Intersting Facts

France's highest mountain is 15,770 feet high. France's longest river is 629 miles long. The French celebrate birthdays with cakes and cards when the sing the happy birthday song, they usually sing it in English. Video and computer games are popular and so are comics. France is about 80% the size of Texas.

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Living in the Country

In the fall, county people hunt for prized wild mushroom. Young people are leaving the country to find work in town. Farming has always been important to French.
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On the Move

Eight out of ten families own a car. More than 3,728 miles of highways link towns in France.

Modes of transportation are mopeds, trains, bikes, and cars.

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