The Worlds Water

By Alaina

Water Cycle

The earth has a limited amount of water.  That water keeps going around and around and around. This is what we call the "Water Cycle".

Solid, Liquid and Gas

Types of clouds

The clouds are important to the water cycle because of the rain and the moisture in the air. To name a few there is a cirrocumulus. This is a small rounded white puff in the sky. A cirrus is a thin wispy cloud blown by strong wind creating stream like clouds. A cirrus also means fair to pleasant weather. A cumulonimbus is a very black cloud in the sky. That means it is a thunder storm. Cumulus clouds are puffy clouds that sometimes look like pieces of floating cotton. A stratus cloud is a grayish clouds that often cover the entire sky. They resemble fog that does not reach the ground. Usually with stratus clouds it is an overcast day.