Summit Post

By: Abigail Bailey and Drew Dayer

“Ransom of Red Chief”

“The Day After” This just in yesterday evening two grown, tall and slender men in black ski masks brought the town’s ‘favorite’ back to his normal living, the next morning everybody saw him throwing rocks and more kittens and since everyone was so mad you could hear their sighs from a mile away. We asked everyone what they thought happened and they didn’t hesitate saying the most absurd answers. One person said, “I saw him throwing rocks at my kitten, and then he just disappeared like a ghost. I think that the cat goddess, Bastet, was like, “Boy you be throwin’ rocks at my cat that I made imma whoop your behind before you can say ‘please don’t!” Then people have said that the whoppin’ was so hard he flew all the way to the cave where he was held captive by these 2 men, who later gave him back 2 days after. I don't really think that though, I think that they just took him away while he was in his front yard throwing rocks at kittens, and then took him to some cave in the middle of nowhere while they had this crazy “indian” running around trying to kill the kidnappers. That’s all we have for today but now be careful you were let off for the last couple days from our little “angel” but now he’s back.