Jorja's Autobiography



I am in third grade and my name is Jorja and my teacher name is Mrs.Smallwood.

Mrs . Smallwood teaches us reading , writing and spelling . In another class we learn math and science .


soon I am going to take horse back riding lessons .I like to do gymnastics I can almost do a handstand .I like to watch wild Kratts .I like to make cookies with my mom .Some times I like to play minecraft with my older brother Alex .
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some people in my family are my Mom ,Dad ,Alex ,Kyle ,Carson,Aunt Megan,Aunt Gena,Aunt Meese,Uncle Jeremy,Uncle Taylor,Meme,Grandma Carol,Grandma Duncan,

Grandma Moe,Papa Duncan and Grandpa George .

Fun facts

I like the color green . I have a dog named Zuzu Belle she is crazy puppy . I love Zuzu Belle. I have another dog named Zander when I get home he goes crazy and when ever I open the door he goes straight outside. We have a lizard named Spike and she sits around her cage a lot .


When was baby I drooled a lot .I sing songs a lot to .I had surgery in my back and in my

bottom .


When I was little more like 4 years old my little brother Carson was born .I am 8 now and that was 4 years ago .


I have some friends and some of them are …

Kate , Zoe , Maya , Katie , cali , caris and Alexa .

Fun times

Some fun times are when I went to my Aunt Megan's wedding she going to get married .

I was a flower girl for the wedding . Most of my family was there , I just had so much fun

there .

Favorite things

I have a few favorite things and they are my blanket , my mom , my dad , my favorite color is green and my favorite food is cake . I really like to play my phone a lot my favorite game is my talking Angela . My favorite movies are Monster high , Rio 2 and Epic . My favorite You tube videos are Stampy cat , Minecraft and how to do things videos .