Friday Focus

Holy Name of Mary, November 9, 2018

Happy Friday!

Thank you for hanging in there this week! You've survived a time change, rainy, grey weather, and darkness falling an hour earlier. We even ended the week with snow.

We know that many of you have busy weekends ahead with Progress Reports due on Monday. Thank you in advance for all of your hard work on these! We sincerely appreciate the time you put into making your report cards personal and helpful for your students and their parents.

Caroline & Pascale

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Good Stuff

There are so many great things happening in your classes every day. We love popping in and seeing what the kids are learning and watching how you make our school an exciting place to be. Thank you so much for your energy and enthusiasm! Here are just a few of the awesome things we saw happening in your classes this week.

The Week Ahead

Monday, November 12

  • Progress Reports are due today!
  • Remembrance Day Assembly at 9:30am
  • Susan Newsham is in to volunteer
  • Pizza lunch for the four classes who won the School Cash Online contest: Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Reid, Mme Dods and Mrs. Luknowsky
  • Caroline away (pm only)
  • Meeting re: SK @ 3:15pm (Pascale, Caroline, Rachel, Julie, Liz)

Tuesday, November 13

  • Robb Nash concert for grade 7/8 at the Gallipeau Centre in SF
  • Genevieve away (pm)
  • Rachel in today for Robb Nash concert

Wednesday, November 14

  • Christine Cox in to volunteer in the library
  • Take Our Kids to Work Day (A. Baldwin in with Liz)
  • Special Education meeting at 8:15am
  • Constable Streng in for OPP Kids with Grade 6's
  • Subway Day
  • WE Day for the Social Justice Squad
  • Gina out for WE Day
  • Shannon out for WE Day (Tammy McDonald)
  • Rachel not in today
  • MSM meeting at 3:15pm

Thursday, November 15

  • Christine Cox in to volunteer in the library
  • Junior/Intermediate Divisional meeting at 8:15am
  • Pizza Day
  • Kristine out (am only) (Mara Harrison)

Friday, November 16

  • Clubs Day - wear your challenge t-shirts!
  • Popcorn
  • Mark Doyle away (Joe on for the day shift)
  • Shannon out (Christine Provost)
  • Jillian out (am only)