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Deer Hill School News . June 12, 2020

Hello Deer Hill Families,

Welcome to the last newsletter of the school year. What a ride it's been! I've flipped the script this week: I'll begin with something profound, share lots of school Need to Knows in the middle, and end on a brief personal note.

Something Profound

Last Saturday I had the privilege of attending the interfaith vigil on the Cohasset Town Common in response to the murder of George Floyd. It was a powerful experience, and the words of those who spoke resonated strongly. At this time, I feel my role is to listen and to learn. I intend to do both so that I am prepared to take action as an educational leader in a way that is culturally responsive, committed to anti-racism, and focused on positive change. Will you join me? In terms of listening, I hope that you will take a moment to read the words spoken by CHS sophomore Isley Wilson and METCO Director, Aleisa Gittens-Carle at Saturday's vigil. In terms of learning, I hope that you will explore the Cultural Diversity Resources on our district website. There is work to be done.

Something Educational

As we add the period (or exclamation point) on this school year, there are several Need to Knows that I'd like to share. Some are reminders while others are new.

  • This week Deer Hill received exciting news from the CEF who is funding three grants for the 2020-21 school year. Mrs. Holland's grant will bring yoga lessons to all students at Deer Hill. Mrs. Corkhum's and Ms. Henry's grant will augment our STEM programs in the area of robotics with ROOT tools. Lastly, with support from the PSO, the CEF is providing a generous grant to install an AV suite in our cafeteria space, giving it the capability to be a true learning hub in our school for larger groups of students. We are so grateful for these grant approvals!

  • On June 15th (3rd and 4th graders) and June 16th (5th graders), families will have an opportunity, "drive through style" to return any school materials, leave an optional note for teachers, and wave goodbye. The 5th grade drive through will be a bit snazzier (here is the invite) and will include picking up PSO promotion gifts. Please see the detailed schedule and clear safety protocols for what we are calling Deer Hill Many Happy Returns 2020.

  • Let's make some NOISE! Our last day of school ends at 11:40 on Tuesday. Get out your pots and wooden spoons and let's celebrate. We want to hear you kick off summer at 11:40 sharp!!!

  • Term 3 remote learning progress reports will be published in Aspen on Friday June, 19th. Please remember that no formal grades will be given. Details were previously outlined in our Deer Hill Remote Learning Plan that was updated on May 1, 2020.

  • Stay tuned for an email next week that will share summer resources from our reading and math specialists. In between bike rides, ice creams and beach days, our hope is that students will keep their skills fresh!

  • Our return of student belongings on June 9th, went beautifully, and we have only a few bags of student belongings left. 3rd and 4th grade teachers will have those handy on Monday for their students and remaining 5th grade student bags will be distributed with promotion gifts on Tuesday. If you don't attend the drive throughs, please stop by later this month on Wednesdays when our office is open.

  • Even with all of the belongings that were returned, our lost and found is overflowing! I will reach out to you in July with an opportunity for families seeking reunification with winter coats, water bottles, and many many hoodies!

  • While we continue to be available remotely during the workweek and are on site at varying times, CPS buildings have established hours of consistent open operation through the month of June. Deer Hill's office will be open from 9:00-3:00 on Wednesdays for any school business that you would like to conduct in person per appropriate safety guidelines. Osgood will be open on Tuesdays, also from 9:00-3:00. Central Office will be open Monday through Thursdays from 9:00-3:00 as well.

Something Personal

Are you tired? I'm tired. I'm also proud. Proud of what the Deer Hill community -- staff, students, families -- have accomplished since we headed home from school on March 13th and entered a whole new way of doing school. Thank you for your partnership. It is steadfast, and because of that I know that we will meet the challenges that continue to face us with grace and solidarity. On June 19th, I'm going to hit send on the progress report publication email and then close the lid on my computer for a few days. In July the work begins in earnest to prepare for the fall. At the top of my list is ensuring that when we return to the hallways of our school, joy accompanies us. Things will be different. There are academic standards to be met, and ensuring the social emotional wellbeing of students is imperative. Nevertheless, we will not lose sight of the joy of learning and of being a school community.

Have a restful summer.

All the best,

Alexandra L. Sullivan

Principal, Deer Hill School

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Deer Sightings & Photo Opps

Healthy Meals with Mrs. Hamlin

Our Deer Hill chefs were quite busy during remote learning health class! If you'd like to take a peek at their favorite meals and maybe give a few recipes a taste, you can access them on Mrs. Hamlin's website. Bon Appetit!

4th Grade Drones with Mr. DeWaal

Music teacher Mr. DeWaal is also a talented photographer and took 4th graders on a drone adventure over Cohasset Harbor. This brings a whole new meaning to the word 'zoom' as students took to the virtual skies!

5th Grade Ship a Chip

I can only imagine what the mail carrier has been thinking over the past several days as packages were delivered to the homes of 5th grade teachers. Remote learning put a crack in the plans of the traditional 5th grade egg drop, but it was no match for the Ship a Chip Challenge! Check out the industriousness of our 5th graders as they attempted to safely ship one solitary Pringles chip!

Congratulations 5th Graders!

On Tuesday we look forward to sending off our fabulous 5th grade class with our drive through promotion. In the meantime, check out this FlipGrid with a few shout outs from Deer Hill staff. 5th graders, to me you're an extra special group -- I began my Cohasset career with many of you in my first grade class! It's been a privilege to be your teacher and your principal, and I can't wait to watch you make your way at CMS and beyond.
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