Under Pressure

By: Emma Carlson Berne


Under Pressure is mainly about soccer. Elise comes from a long line of college athletes. Elise really enjoys playing soccer and she's a part of a team. Coach Berg is her coach but he doesn't seem to think she has potential. Elise's friend Sophie has always been there supporting her. The UNC scout would be going to watch Elise's team at the end of the month. It was a big deal to almost everyone on the team , a soccer scholarship was Elise best chance to attend the school and play for the team. Elise goes through many struggles just to try to get accepted and for her parents to motivate her that she can. She began to take pills which made Elise feel amazing , and super fast. Will her secret be held for a long time? Would the pills last? Find out if Elise or Lacy gets the scholarship.

Some Of The Characters

Things I Like / Things I Didn't Like

I liked :

Elise friend Soph was always there for her .

It was a live experience book to always believe in yourself even if others do not.

I disliked:

How Elise parents treated her.

Elise started to believe she was no good.

Do I reccomend this book?

I honestly enjoyed this book very much. If you like to read about competition or would like to know what some athletes have to do to become pros and fast. Read Under Pressure! You won't regret it!