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2018-2019 Keith Student Directory

Please find a copy of the 2018-2019 Keith Student Directory attached below.

Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on 12/13/18 from 12:00-8:00pm.

This time is an important opportunity to talk with your learner’s teacher to discuss the progress that your child has made thus far this school year and to share your perspective with us for the year. Conferences are a two-way conversation and your insights with regard to your child’s strengths and needs, learning style, and other non-school learning opportunities can help us to shape our instruction.

Conferences are scheduled through Family Access. If you do not have a Family Access account, please contact FamilyAccess@wlcsd.org or contact the Family Access hotline at 248-956-2190. Be sure to include your name, the name of each child in the district, your email address and a daytime phone number.

Online scheduling through Family Access will open Monday, 11/19 and stay open until Friday, 12/7. Watch the video of how to schedule your conference time or use the written directions. If you need any assistance with this process and/or an interpreter for your conference time, please contact your child’s teacher. If you need support accessing the internet, please contact our main office (248.956.2000).

As many of our fine arts, physical education, and media staff are in multiple buildings throughout the week and/or see hundreds of students, they will need to have modified schedules for this day. Please see below for a schedule of our FAPES Teachers' availability.

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Keith Caring Community Club

ATTENTION ALL 3RD-5TH GRADERS, The Keith Caring Community Club needs you!

KC3 is a community outreach club that provides opportunities for 3rd-5th graders to help others in our area and beyond. Students and families will be invited to a variety of events, which could include visiting residents of a local nursing home, making care packages for the homeless, stocking shelves at a food pantry, volunteering at an animal shelter, just to name a few. Our mission is to teach students about generosity, compassion, and tolerance through acts of kindness. Students can register for KC3 and sign up for events through signupgenius.com as they become available. There is no cost to join the club. We are looking for respectful, responsible students that will represent Keith Elementary and KC3 in a positive way.

To join KC3, please visit our sign up genius link:


A follow up email will be sent out shortly after with information about the first event.

Keith Cares! Blessing Bags for the Homeless

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let us reach out and help those that do not have a place to call home. We will be creating Blessing Bags filled with necessary items for homeless people in Michigan. Travel sized items and individually wrapped snacks are perfect. We will be collecting the following items through December 19th.

There are three labeled bins located inside the doors of the main entrance. Please feel free to drop off any of the recommended items prior to December 19th. Students and staff will then assemble the bags. These will be dropped off at local shelters and also to those on the streets. Thank you for your support with this charitable endeavor.

List of items:

Boxes of Gallon-sized freezer or storage zip-lock bags

Mini hand sanitizer bottles

Mini tissue packs

Case of small bottled waters



Chap Stick

Deodorant (travel size)


Non-perishable snacks, such as:

Raisins, granola bars, protein bars, jerky, crackers, pretzels, cookies, chips etc…

Keith Spirit!!!

Friday’s are Spirit Day here at Keith.

Your child is encouraged to wear a Keith shirt or the color red each and every Friday. The upper elementary and lower elementary classroom with the highest number of participants will win a visit from “Sparky” our Keith Dragon for the week.

This week's winners are:

Upper Elementary Room: Mrs. Gorman

Lower Elementary Room: Mrs. Pawlak / Mrs. Dickinson

Second Step Announcement!

Parents, this week your children focused on the second step lesson below. Please take a moment to talk with your children about how they took time to show positive behavior at school.

Same and Different Feelings:

We all want to have friends here at Keith Elementary School. But people can have similar or different feeling about the same situation. For example, I might feel scared to climb up high, and my friend might feel excited. Learning to respect other people’s feeling can help us make and keep friends! This week, listen to people’s voices for clues to figure out how they might be feeling!

Our focus for next week is listed below. We will review the following with your children when they return to school on Monday.

Showing Compassion:

Here at Keith Elementary School we want to put our empathy into action. This is called showing compassion. When we’re able to understand how someone else is feeling and do something to show we understand, we are showing that person compassion. Listening, saying kind words, and helping are three ways to show compassion. Take a moment now to think about how you can show compassion to someone today. Then find a way to do it during the day.

Speak Up: National Research Project for Digital Learning

WLCSD is participating in Speak Up, a national research project and free service to find out information about digital learning. At Keith Elementary School, we hope to use the survey tools to learn what students, educators, and parents have to say about education issues. Please know how much we appreciate your help in completing the parent survey.

· All surveys should take less than 20 min.

· Surveys are multiple choice with a few open ended questions.

· Elementary Student surveys are done as a group; students raise hands and teachers submit the data for the entire class.

· Surveys can be completed any time between now and Jan 31, 2019.

Updated December Lunch Menu

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Keith Pizza Nights at Hungry Howie's Pizza

Purchase pizza at Hungry Howie's from 4-9pm on the dates listed below and a portion of your proceeds will support Keith Elementary School!

Dec. 19, Jan. 23, Feb. 26, Mar. 27, Apr. 24, May 29

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Belle's Royal Tea Party Invitation

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Announcements From our Keith PTA:

Keith PTA Meeting - Tuesday, December 11 at 7pm in the Keith Media Center

Parent-Teacher Conference Help Needed

Dear Keith Families,

Please consider helping our amazing Keith teachers with providing snacks and dinner for them on Parent-Teacher Conference day, which is coming up fast! Please visit the sign up genius link below for more information. Thank you for your help!

-Keith PTA


Big Salad Fundraiser for the Keith PTA - December 14th

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It's Pumpkin Smoothie Time!

It's PUMPKIN SMOOTHIE time! We had a great pumpkin crop in the garden this year and we would love your help making pumpkin smoothies for every class at Keith. Pumpkin smoothies will be made during the week of December 10th. Please sign up (https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0c4cadae23ab9-201811) if you are able to donate items or if you can make them in the classroom. More information is on the signup. If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth Belcher (elizakbb@gmail.com).

Ketih Skate Night At the Rolladium December 18th

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Box Tops Winners!

Below are the results for the December 2018 Box Tops Competition. Keith students collected 1,672 box tops which is over $160 dollars!!! The Kindergarteners won the extra outdoor recess!! The top collecting class that is in bold under each grade have won a fun hat day. Mrs. Snavely’s class gets an extra shout out again for collecting the most box tops in one classAlso, ironically each class had around 300 box tops. 4 of the classes had around 245 box tops total.

Box Tops Competition December 2018 Final Numbers:

K – (373 total)

Snavely – 220

Chappell – 73

Estes – 41

Baibak – 39

1st Grade – (244 total)

Faber – 95

Mazer – 63

Zarek – 45

Gerber – 41

2nd Grade – (311 total)

Withers –132

Jahn – 76

Hawkins – 61

Pawlak/Dickinson – 42

3rd Grade – (247 total)

Spencer – 86

Reuter –64

Colasanti -61

Matyus – 36

4th Grade – (251 total)

Gasparotto – 137

Dayton –85

Wendyker – 19

Gorman – 10

5th Grade – (246 total)

Hewitt –134

Brewer – 63

Harmsworth - 49

Tyrrell - 0

Ski Club Information

Dear Keith Staff & Parents,

Temperatures are dropping snow is falling and Alpine Valley has opened for the season!!

First & foremost I would like to acknowledge Dan Gilbert’s wonderful leadership of the Ski club for the past several years. I’m sure everyone joins me in thanking him for his dedication and hard work in making the club the success that it has been.

I am planning to maintain the club activity for Friday nights, but I am open to possibly adding a second night if there is enough interest if I get enough request for a specific day I will absolutely try and work out a second day of the week.

I have started a Facebook page to hopefully get out information quickly you can find it on Facebook by searching “Keith Elementary Ski Club”.

The only other big change I am making this year is I am implementing an electronic payment platform. I am planning on using Venmo. But if people are interested in Square Cash please let me know and I can set that up as well- I would rather try and stick with one but we can see how it goes.

I am still happy to accept checks either dropped off at my house or at the school. I just think the electronic payment platform will make it easier for people to decide at the last minute and it will be easier for me to issue refunds if someone has to cancel at the last minute.

Anyone can call me or text me on my cell at anytime 248-981-9267.

My email is: MsJoyce5870@gmail.com

My address is:

2778 Orenda St

Commerce Twp, Mi 48382

As soon as I have a start date I will make an announcement on the Facebook page and at the school I am looking forward to the clubs getting started!

Thank you!

Mary Joyce

PTA Facebook Page

Visit our PTA's Facebook Page


Keith Elementary School

The purpose of Keith Elementary is to advance the learning of all students.

Andrea McFarland - Principal's Secretary


Diana Tyrrell - Building Secretary


Julie Palermo - Interventionist


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