by Terry O'Leary

braeking down the poem

Terry O'Leary is a very skilled writer, his poem New World order is a poem that touches on the sensitive topic of new world order. normally poems are supposed to fill you with a tyype of emotion wether it be sadness or joy. but when reading this poem you get a chill down your spine, and a cold heart. this is a lyrical poem with ending sounds that are being repeated. most poems start of soft and build up to something, but this poem doesn't, it stays consistent from beginning to end . the poem starts of strong and brutal. everything is thrown at the reader at once. there are eighty-nine lines in the poem making it profoundly long. The situation of the poem is that the world is experiencing a series of harmful circumstances and prolonged hate and disrespect.

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my view of the poem

I think the author meant for the reader to feel suffocated by all the horror going on in the world. War after war . Yes all humans are created equally but that does not mean we should be chipped and have barcodes. We are individual being born with god given rights that no man should be able to take away from us. Why do our world leaders supposedly entertain this NEW WORLD ORDER. The rich get richer and the Poor is disintegrate and go with the wind. These are lives that matter, it shouldn't matter what anyone has in their bank account. Your life is worth all the money man can conjure and more. We all live on earth its our home. Why don't we treat the people and things on it with respect and love instead of hatred and disgust? If we all say NO to the New World Order maybe mans humanity will last a little longer.