How we communicate with other countries

Section 1

Geography effects how and where we live. The climate effects what crops we can grow in place and whether we can get fresh water because if is to cold the lake or river will freeze. Globalization also effects where we live because our parents have jobs and they want to a place that is kind of close to where their job is or they move for their kids because they want their kids to have a good education so they move to a town with good schools. Globalization also effects how we live when it is to cold in a place it could be hard to find food and gather berries and to get to the water because it is frozen. Globalization is the tendency of businesses, technologies, or philosophies to spread throughout the world, or the process of making this happen. The global economy is sometimes referred to as a globality, characterized as a totally interconnected marketplace, unhampered by time zones or national boundaries

Pro and Cons

There are a lot of pros and cons of globalization some of them are this a pro is that it gives people in other countries a job so they have to earn money and just sit around and drive themselves crazy. Another pro is that it gives people the opportunity of making a living and supporting their families and like in Bangladesh it gives the family of the woman a little less of a burden because at least they can make some money. Some people also think that globalization is not good because we are outsourcing jobs to other countries when our economy and our unemployment rate it already bad enough as it is even with out the outsourcing and globalization. Another con is that the people that are working for the companies don't make a lot of money and most of the money goes to the actual company not the people that work for them.
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Nike Footwear

For Nike Footwear the cotton and the rubber that are used to make the shoes is either picked or made in China, Vietnam or the U.S it is then manufactured in some of the same countries that the cotton is picked then once it is manufactured it then goes to distibuting centers around the world were it is then shipped all around to all of the stores where footwear is sold because Nike is such a big company.
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For the environment the plastic and the rubber that is used in the soles and around the bottom of the shoes which is made in a factory. In a factory where this is made there are going to be emissions that are not good for the environment because of the fires and the smoke from the factories. It causes pollution which is bad because we already have a lot of that in this world and I don't think that we need anymore of it.


When a company uses technology there are bound to be mistakes the biggest one these days is that they get your order wrong. We have all had it happen to us we order one short in black and we get a pair of shoes that are the color purple it happens all of the time because of all of the technology we use in this day in age. It helps with some stuff but other times it can be a pain.


Not all jobs are in the United States so the cultures where some of the products are made may not like what the brand is saying so if Nike made shoes for girls some countries that think of woman as a burden may not want to have the Nike factory that makes girls shoes because they don't believe in some sense that woman are people just like men and can do all of the same stuff that men can do.


For Nike most of the people that make the shoes are in other countries which is bad for our economy because our unemployment rate is still very high and if they are giving the jobs to other countries that is going to leave less jobs for the american people to have and if those people don't have a job then the unemployment rate will go down and that will in turn make our economy go down to or become worse than it already is.

Economic In Depth

For Nike most of the people that make the shoes are in other countries which is good for the country that has the factories economy because Nike is a big company and if they are making a lot of money then that will help there stock rise and if they move jobs where they don't have to pay as much money to employ the works which may make the price of the shoe go down. Nike shoes are good and if the price goes down then people that maybe never had enough money to afford Nikes maybe they can get them and have shoes to go for a job interview and get a job and that might make more jobs for the U.S. But we are still outsourcing jobs to other places which is bad for our economy.

Globalization and Me

Globalization affects me in many different ways because I use the technology to order things off websites and sometimes that order is wrong but that is just part of the world today. The economic part also affects me because my parents have jobs somewhat close to where I live and because they got those jobs this is where I live because they have to earn a living to put three boys through school which is not easy, but if globalization was not a thing it would be near impossible because all of the jobs would be where the country started like in France or China or some places like that.

Globalization in the Future

Globalization will keep growing and growing over the years to come but I hope that some businesses will stay here in New Hampshire an in New England because if all that is gone we won't be know for anything like if all of the ski resorts decide to move out west because of the all the snow we won't be know for having some outrageous skiers and resorts that are one of a kind we will just be know for having a little snow here and there and Bostonians driving like idiots.

West is good, East is better