Mark Cuban

The man that started from the bottom and made his way on top


Mark Cuban has made his way from the bottom to the top with hard work and risks comes a big reward. To me, Mark Cuban is smart, confident, and brave.

Smart- He always knows what he is doing and is amazing with technology with starting the first high def on television

Confident- I think that he is confident because he believes in himself because he got fired and made the most out of it by starting another thing called micro solutions

Brave- I think that he is brave because even though he has been through a lot when he had nothing and was a bartender, then got a job with an 18,000 dollar salary. He still went through and believed.

How Did Mark Cuban Get There?

It was a long ride for Mark Cuban. He started from selling garbage bags when he was 12 and is now one of the billionaires in the world with having the first high def company and owning the Dallas Mavericks. In my opinion, he definitely deserves to be successful. He has been through so much by being fired, having an 18,000 dollar salary, living in an apartment without a bed, and so many obstacles. I believe that he is sucessful because he has been through all that and for hard work has a big reward, and he has billions of rewards.
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