Leon Foucault

By: Andrea Rojo

Who was he? Where did he live?

Leon Foucault was born on september 19,1881 and died on February 11, 1868 he would've been 194 years old. He was a french physicist and he lived in France.

What did he study?

Leon Foucault first studied medicine then gave it up because he developed a fear for blood.Then started his career as a physicist.

Why was his research and inventions so significant to Earth science?

The pendulum was significant to Earth science because it is used to measure the acceleration of gravity at certain location on earth.

Interesting facts!

-Leon became the first person to accurately identify the the speed of light.

-He was born in France

-He had a fear of blood

What is the Foucault pendulum and how does it work?

The Foucault pendulum is a pendulum with a long wire that can swing in any direction the change in the swing plane demonstrates the earth's rotation.

It works by using gravity to transfer energy to kinetic energy and back.