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Weekly information for Bear Tavern - November 13, 2015

Our Time is NOW...

Note from the Principal

Happy Friday Bear Tavern Staff,

BEAR TAVERN PRIDE. Whether we say it with a hashtag or not, it is a powerful thing...

This week I was a little bit nervous about Veterans day and I had many other meetings and projects weighing on my mind. But it went great. The biggest reason for Wednesday's success was a whole lot of teamwork. The amount of people who, without asking, scrambled Wednesday morning to make sure that the school looked great, who sent feedback and kind words, who each and every day show flexibility and do things, small and large, just to help each other out is amazing. I have been overwhelmed with pride in this school since the summer, but this week it cranked up another notch. After Wednesday, even though I had been exhausted and stressed, I felt like I could jump over a building. We proved this week, again, what a tremendous school we are, what a talented staff we have and what great students we have.

I really do think that BEAR TAVERN PRIDE is the greatest energy supplement that there is. And we can create as much of it as we want. It is hard for me to get to every room every day, but I will say that I continue to be amazed and motivated by what is happening here. I see something special every single day that gets me excited. Each time someone does something special or goes above and beyond, whether it is to hang flags, share ideas or resources, meet with students to give extra help or conduct book groups during lunch or planning, make that extra parent phone call, stretch to take a risk to try a new activity or project or simply give a colleague a compliment or pick me up, it sends a ripple through the whole building, motivating someone else to do something special.

We'll talk more about it at Thanksgiving, but I am very thankful to be the principal here and am beaming with BEAR TAVERN PRIDE. Thank you for your part in that. Let's keep it up. We are doing something very special.

Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself.



Special Reminders & Upcoming Dates


  • American Education Week - (see chart way below) - I'll be emailing the letter tomorrow stating that teachers will be inviting parents to a lesson at any point throughout the year. It has been my experience that November is a tough month for families and I want to give both them and you options. To clarify, you are welcome to invite families next week, but you have the option of doing it another time. Every classroom teacher must invite parents at least once, and let Lauren know so that we can document it on a master spreadsheet. Please note that it can be a 'regular' lesson; it doesn't have to be a special culminating activity. My hope is that we all go above and beyond the basic expectation and incorporate parents and families whenever it is appropriate. For example, invite them to several "Publishing Parties," "Reader's Theater" presentations, culminating actives, etc. Even having mystery readers and volunteers is great! Involving our families is a big step to spreading our Bear Tavern Pride and showing everyone what we are all about.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences - Let me know if you need anything as we get closer to conferences. It goes without saying that we want to set a positive tone and provide parents with constructive feedback in a professional, productive way. If you need resources or want to brainstorm ideas, please let me know. I'm here to help.
  • Articles/Quotes - If you come across a great article or a meaningful quote - send them my way and I'll try to incorporate them into Bear Tracks. I want you to have input in what we talk about and learn about.


Friday 11/13 - End of MP 1

Friday 11/13 - 8 am conference room optional meeting to set "Den Group" dates for the year

Monday 11/16 Faculty Meeting

Wednesday 11/18 - Picture Retake Day 10am-1pm, I&RS, Gr. 5 Wax Museum

Thursday 11/19 - PK Thanksgiving Celebration

Friday 11/20 - Early Dismissal, Conferences, Holiday Book Fair

Monday 11/23 - Early Dismissal Conferences (Afternoon & Evening) *PTO Dinner*, Holiday Book Fair, Thursday Art Enrichment meets today

Tuesday 11/24 - Early Dismissal, Friday Art Enrichment meets today, Grade 2 Thanksgiving Feast 10:30 - 12

Wednesday 11/25 - Early Dismissal, Kindergarten Thanksgiving Celebration

December 15, 2015 - Voluntary meeting to discuss Literacy w/ Dan Umstead and Sara Graja

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