California Gold Rush

Westward Expansion Project Report

Before We Start, Here Are Some Additional Facts...

Before the gold there was a population of 14,000 people. But, when people first heard about gold in 1848 only 6,000 people came which made 20,000 people then in 1849 a whopping 90,000 more people came to California. They were called the forty-niners, they were called this because they came in 1849, and if you had that many people come wouldn't you give them a name, you'd have to remember them all!
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Causes To Head Toward California

Of course people went to California for gold, gold, and more gold! But, people also went to California for money, people could get payed up to twice as much money during the California Gold Rush, than before!

Some setbacks during the California Gold Rush

A major setback is that after all the gold is gone, miners leave to find gold elsewhere. Sometimes the businesses also leave and leave the town abandoned. This is a setback because the towns then don't have as much money and the businesses leave and no one ever goes to the town anymore.

Important Dates Of The Gold Rush

One important date during the gold rush is, 1848 which (as said above) was when 6,000 people had come to California, and also 1849 when (also said above) 90,000 people came.
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Consequences Of The Gold Rush

One consequence was that during the gold rush miners often set up camps which would sometimes turn into boom towns by rapidly growing so big that they would turn into towns that are called boom towns.