3 Crucial Battles Of The Civil War

Battle of Antietam:Deadliest Single Day of Fighting

On September 17,1862 the Battle of Antietam began.The Battle of Antietam,the deadliest battle of the civil war, within 8 hours,21,000 people were already killed even with both their differing strategies nothing could be done but massive blood shed on that faithful day.The main generals were Lee(Confederate) and McClellan(Union).This battle took place at Antietam in Maryland,earning the battle its name.Both their strategies were very different.The Confederate's strategy was to split up their army to cause confusion in the Union's army.However,the plan did not go as plan,since two Union soldiers were able to locate the plan and use it against them.When the two armies met at Antietam,the Union's strategy was "Point,Blank,Range",which meant to shoot any soldier that came to view.Another one of the Union's strategy was when the Confederate soldiers went into the Sunken Road to shoot all soldiers,this caused a mass massacre of the Confederate's soldier,making the road named Bloody Lane.Due to this battle President Abraham Lincoln pass the Emancipation Proclamation which declared "that all persons held as slaves" within the rebellious states "are,and henceforward shall be free" this document is important because it made the war about slavery instead of just succession which made the British not get involved in the war.

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Battle of Gettysburg:The Battle Of The Most Powerful Speech

On July 1,1863 the Battle of Gettysburg ignited. A four day war, which started not intentionally but accidentally. The Confederate were just stopping at the town of Gettysburg to load up on supplies and instead found that their "enemies" were also located at that same site, then the war broke out. Many lives were lost during those dragging four days, both armies lost a fair share of their troops. The main generals in the battle were Lee(Confederate),Pickett(Confederate),and Meade(Union).This battle took place at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania , where the battle earned its name from. There were more than 48,000 deaths in total from just that battle. The Union had a casualty of 23,000 or more men who had died during that battle, which was very close to the causalities the South suffered . The Confederate had a causality of 25,000 a large portion of the men in the Confederate's total soldiers. Once again both sides had very differing strategies. The South strategy was to drive the Union forces from hills which were named Big Round Top and Little Round Top. They also fired nearly 140 cannons at the Union. The North had a very differing strategy, to protect themselves. The Union troops retreated to a section of higher ground, called Cemetery Ridge. Both armies called for reinforcement. Due to this event two important political events took place. The most important event was President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address,this was a speech meant to honor all the lives that were lost during the battle. This speech was and is considered one of the most powerful speeches in American history . Another political event that took place was that neither France nor Britain was going to help the South ; therefore , the South would not be able to get the Ironclad needed to stop "Scott's Great Snake". This event happened due to the war turning into the war against not only succession but also slavery.
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Battle Of Vicksburg:The Turning Tide

On July 4,1863 the Battle of Vicksburg commenced. This Battle lasted 47 days , which is a large amount of days for one battle, this battle totaled up to be about one and a half months. This long war was located in Vicksburg,Mississippi, which is the reason they named the battle as they did,Vicksburg. The main generals during the battle were Ulysses Grant(Union) and Pemberton(Confederate).The total causalities were more than 19,000 men, many of these men coming from the Union army. In the Union 10,000 soldiers were killed during the battle. In the Confederate army 9,000 men were killed,not tailing far behind the number of men killed in the Union army. Once again the two armies had different strategies, one to block the other to attack. The Confederate's armies number one strategy was mainly to withstand the attacks from the Union's army. The Union army was to attack the South's army with all their might to make sure they earned this victory. Grant had attacked Vicksburg in April and his army surrounded 30,000 of the Confederate's troops in that area, this was a large majority of the Confederate's troops. In May 18, Grant started a siege ,which is a military operation in which (Union) forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside. Union gunships fired thousands of shells into the city in order to protect their 77,000 troops outnumbering the South's troop greatly. General Grant was then well known for his triumph in the rigorous battle. Due to the Union's victory at the battle ,the Confederacy lost Port Hudson. Port Hudson was the Confederacy's last stronghold on the Mississippi River. The Union split the South in two . Arkansas, Louisiana , and Texas were now cut off from the Confederate. The tide had turned.
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