China Brochure

By Otto Bollwahn


.the landmass of china is 5,026 across east asia

.China is know for its great wall

.bordered eastern by seas and bodies of water

.three of the sides of China are bordered by north Korea and Vietnam

.China is made of lowlands and foothills

.3rd largest country

.10% of China are hills

.shishapangma is the highest peak in China

.farmers constructed hills to grow crops on them

.Hong Kong is the biggest city in China

7 elements Of China Culture

China's 7 elements


mandarin is the official language of China.

There is over 70 languages in china.


Chinese government is a peoples republic.

President is the head of the government.

.Economic systems

About half of the population gets business from agricultural product even though one tenth of the land is arable.

China it the world leader in proceeding rice tobacco corn barley soybeans and peanuts.

.arts and literature

traditional arts include poetry shadow puppetry potter etc.

calligraphy is thought of enriching a persons life.


government allows people to practice there primary religion.

Taoism is china's most practice religion

.social organizations

Mass organizations are an important component of the political life in China.

There are about 2000 nations social organizations in China.

.Costumes and traditions

Zodiac signs are a big part of customs and traditions in China.

Chinese culture is the worlds oldest culture

DBQ's of China

1. Why do people live in the east?

Answer: People live in the east sometimes because of tradition and values of family being in the area.

2. what was the purpose of creating the wall of China?

Answer: to protect from barbarians

China and India similarities and differences.


1.Both in Asia

2.Both have some population that practices Buddhism.

3.Both have at least 4 seasons.

4.Both have the letter "I" and an "a" in the name.

5.Both have a religion born there.


1.Hindu is the main religion on India and Taoism is China's.

2.China has a bigger land mass than India does.

3.India had more arable land than China.

4.China has a longer life expectancy.

5.India has a larger population growth rate.

6.India has a higher fertility rate.

7.Hindu is India's official language and Mandarin is China's.

8.China has a higher literacy rate.

9.China has a larger urban population.

10.India is a federal republic and China is a Communist state.