By Mason Varcoe

My Product a Abarcrombie Tee Shirt

This product came from the country of Veitnam

Maps of Vietnam

The Process

The process of making the cloths is knitting, dying, sewing and barbican weaving in the Vietnam factories wear the cotton and good to make the product are shipped into Vietnam

Technological Revolution

The technological revolution has influenced the change of work culture for workers in Vietnam. The invention of the sewing machine has made manufacturing the clothes much faster and safer than doing them by hand. In addition, technology has changed the shipping process of goods by making routes and locations better mapped and easier to find. Technology on board the ships (or airplanes) has made it safer to import and export as well as more efficient use of funds.

One problem is that the United States has different laws pertaining to work conditions compared to Vietnam. Because it's cheaper to have Vietnamese workers make the clothes, many of the United States brands are imported. The problem is that the working conditions are not acceptable. They work 18 hour days for substantially less money and the environments may be very uncomfortable.


In thinking about Vietnam, though it may be unsatisfactory conditions to us, it may be very acceptable to them. And though the money they make isn't a lot, it may be appropriate to the standards of Vietnam. A person making decent wages may be able to provide to their family because the entire scale of money is different. People living near the coast will have more work than someone in towards the mountains because it's less expensive to run a factory near water than inland.