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Communication with your child’s teacher is important! So is the communication with the PE and Fitness Coaches. As a staff, we will be publishing this PE and Fitness newsletter to fill you in on what’s going on as well as tips to help your child - and even your family - live a more healthy and active life.

To make sure you get this information as well as important announcements from the PE and Fitness Coaches, join REMIND right now. The way the REMIND system works is you will receive an occasional text or e-mail message with important immediate information or a link to our newsletter. It’s an easy way to stay in the loop. To be added, use the directions below or click the REMIND link, enter your phone number, and you’re done!

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Students in 3rd-5th grade participate in a fitness tracking program called FitnessGram. Starting in 3rd grade, data about your student’s height, weight, strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility is tracked yearly compared to Healthy Fitness Zone standards.

This year, we will be using results from the FitnessGram testing to determine the grades they receive for their PE grade. In preparation for the actual testing, we are communicating the standards required so they have goals to work toward in their weekly workouts. Stay tuned for more information about FitnessGram.


Re-think Your Drink!

Recently in fitness, we have been teaching your student about making good choices in the things they drink each day with an emphasis on the benefits of drinking milk. If they should ask you to take a picture of them with a “milk mustache”, please do so and forward to Coach Smith at to print and put on our bulletin board for display outside the gym. Feel free to make it a family “milk mustache” portrait and join in the fun.

Here’s a breakdown of some typical beverage choices showing the amount of sugars and calories:

Water: 0g sugar, 0 calories

1% Milk: 11g sugar, 100 calories

Orange Juice: 20g sugar, 100 calories

Chocolate Milk: 22g sugar, 141 calories

Sports Drink: 32g sugar, 158 calories

Soda: 40g sugar, 150 calories

MILK...It does a body good