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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

When you drink alcohol while your pregnant your child will come out a little different. Like a low nasal, flat philtrum, thin upper lip, short nose, and etc.
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The dangers of binge drinking

Binge drinkers have increased risk of killing someone, killing oneself, child abuse, domestic violence, high blood pressure, heart attack, inflammatio of the stomach, pancreas, brain, or spinal cord, sexually tranmitted infections, and poor controlls of diabetes. Too much alcohol can cause death.

The history of alcohol, including famous people who have died from that drug

Jeff Hannaman who was a musician died of cirrhosis due to alcoholism. Another Chris Kelly who was a rapper died of fatal overdose of cocaine and heroin. Also many more have died of alcohol.

Alcoholism and the role it plays within genetics

The role that alcohol plays in genetics is that if your parents also drink alcohol then it passes that genetic down to you but not all the time.