McKenzie's Bucket List

April 2014

1. Visiting Niagara Falls in Canada

Weathering and Erosion

Niagara Falls has weathered and eroded down rock for thousands of years. The gorge that surrounds the waterfall has been physically weathered down and eroded.

2. Visit the beaches in Maldives

Weathering and Erosion

Over time, the sand on the Maldive's shore erodes due to the amount of running water crashing against it. The water comes onto the shore and carries the sand back with it into the water. The picture below is an example of physical weathering. The rocks in this picture probably did not look like this before, but because of the waves, the rocks were slowly weathered down into what they look like now.

3. Climb Mt. Everest

Weathering and Erosion

Wind, rain, and ice can physically weather down Mt. Everest. Also, rain can get into cracks in the rocks and freeze, making the rock expand and break off in certain parts.

Rope Swinging

I would like to go rope swinging on the "Longest Rope Swing" in Utah. It features an incredible 400 foot drop.

Weathering and Erosion

Wind and Sand physically weathered down the rocks. You can tell because of the giant holes in the rocks.

5. Visit Easter Island in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean

Weathering and Erosion

The wind physically weathers and erodes the rocks on Easter Island