Come to the best city-state inside of Mesopotamia

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Have you always dreamed of settling down? Well come to Sumer and you can get the home of your dreams

Sumer has some of the most fertile soil in all of Mesopotamia, which means that there will never be a shortage of food and it also lets people settle down and stay in one place. Also the economy is based on farming, trade, and industry which is a good thing for the people of sumer because they make good money. Sumer is not a bummer!

Want to make your wife happy, then get her bronze which is only sold in Sumer! Get it while you still can!!!!!

Bronze is a new invention which mixes tin and copper together and melts a lot easier than copper or iron. Also it can be used for jewelry, tools, or finely crafted metalwork. This could be a valuable asset to your things, and it would also make you or someone in your family happy.
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So many gods, so many choices!

Sumer is only one of the city-states that has polytheistic, which is people who believe in many gods. When you are in Sumer you can take a visit to the ziggurat which is a massive stepped tower that is a temple dedicated to the gods.This lets the people worship in the way they want and you don't want to miss it!

Come on down and see real life animals! You wont regret it!

All of the animals that are in or around Sumer are domesticated which helps the people of Sumer have a steady source of food, and there will never be a shortage of food. Afraid of food shortages in your city, well no need to fear Sumer is here with endless amount of food!

Sumer has fire, I swear i'm not a liar!

One of the most popular discoveries in Sumer right now is fire, every wants some of it and its helps people stay warm. Also fire can help you stay warm, cook food, and also see in the dark, I hope you come see it for yourself really soon! Come get it while its hot!
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