Faster & Easier. Paris in a few clicks!


Applying for a semester or year abroad just got easier.

  1. Simply create an online profile www.apaparis.com/application
  2. The online platform allows you to send an email link to your professor

-Your professor receives an email from APA that they can complete online

- Once completed, it returns to the platform and is added to your application!

3. Study Abroad Approval form is also sent via email by YOU!

4. Upload a photo

5. Mail in the application fee, passport photos and transcript (this can be sent by email if your institution provides official e-transcript)

Et Voila!


Student elected immersion for those needing complete flexibility.
-- APA has done away with required classes for Advanced students.

-- APA students take 4 courses per semester with the OPTION of a 5th course.

-- All Courses receive full academic support to ensure success: methodology workshops, tutoring, proofreading sessions and the "cours complementaire" as needed.

-- In-house classes are boosted by Study Tours to London, Barcelona, Brussels or Strasbourg
-- Visa applications are simpler thanks to a special partnership with CampusFrance and APA.

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