Environmental Study Project

Luis Rios

My Map


The weather in orlando is dry on winter and spring and rains in summer and fall.And the weather is usually hot or warm and windy.And it affects the community cause if there is a flood it would be hard to travel.Also it there was a heat wave everybody would be tired and sweaty.Also when it rains a lot and you're in a car its dangerous because its possible you might crash.

Natural disasters

  • Plain Field Tornado

    • The tornado killed 29 people and injured 353 people and it damaged 165 million dollars worth of property.

  • Loma Prieta Earthquake

  • Northridge Earthquake

    • Go in your house and go to bathroom and duck down.

    • Make your house more strong and put wood all around it.

    • When you hear about the storm get away from it as quick as possible.

    • Guard your doors with a lot of stuff you have.

    • Get as many food as possible

    • And


Orlando was once called JERNIGAN also it runned by native americans. And orlando nickname is the city beautiful.Also the founder of orlando is Kelly Puckett.And the orlando metropolitan has a population of 2,134,411.Also the way the city changed is that back then they didn't have the same buildings and technology we have now and back the they didn't have theme parks.


The residents are really good in orlando the theme parks are really fun.Also they stuff for jobs so you can get money.Also my community is pretty good there are no problems in my community. Also the resident is good cause we have an arena to watch the NBA and it’s for entertainment. Also the have entertainment for adults like bars and restaurants. And they have stuff for kids like seaworld,and universal.


There are a lot of spiders in my community. It helps the community by catching flies and other bugs and those bugs don't come to our houses or bother us. And the most fascinating animal is the cheetah cause it goes extremely fast. Also it catches its food in seconds and it could go almost the same speed as a car. Also i like the dots on their fur it looks pretty cool.


My culture is venezuela and it is a spanish country. Also one of our favorite foods empanadas and arepas. And our music is mainly salsa. And different cultures could make a a community by selling their foods. Also we could make buildings and that could be a community.

Overall Reflection

It helps me cause in venezuela there are a lot of bugs and spiders. And there are wildlife creatures also there are natural disasters like a hurricane. And the culture part helps me cause i talk about my culture as much as i can. And the residents talks about the people and the job business. And the history talks about my community’s background story.