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Outrageous Rainforests

by HT

My Favorite Endangered Creatures

The Troll haired mystery bug is my favorite bug because they have the coolest features.

The Christmas island frigete bird is my favorite bird because there glossy features.

The Pink river dolphin is my favorite fish because there pink skin.

now you know my favorite endangrd animals

Rain forest animal homes

Termites use spit and dirt for there homes.

Capybaras aka biggest rodent on earth like to live in the water.

The Phoebis Philea and the Anteosmenippe butterflys live on the ground and in the trees.

Now you Know three animal homes.

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For example the Maya made a Ttemple for the serpent god.People also choose too build them in rain forests because there hard to get to in battle.There also good places to keep valubles .The Aztec,Maya,and Inca all lived in rain forests to build temples.I wonder if Eldoraldo exists?
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Evil Spanish pirates

The pirates took 500 lbs of gold shavings, three cases of gold ingots, small sacks of emralds and topaz the size of hazel nuts, and 680 lbs of pearls!!!!!!!!!!! Know you now spanish really like gold
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Some animal species

  1. The bottom layer has Tapirs, iguanas, and fistey piranhas.
  2. The Bushy under story has jumping Lemurs and squacking toucans .
  3. The Emerent layer has feruce Hawks and loud howler monkeys and a lot of other birds . Now you know were some of the many species of animals that live in the rain forests.
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  1. Ingots= golden bar
  2. Species= type of animal
  3. Valubles= highly valued item
  4. Eldorado= city of gold
  5. AKA= also known as
  6. Features= part of animal like a beak