Mentor Monthly Newsletter

February 2019

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Hello, February!

Ah, February. A month filled with love, high energy, and behavior issues. Students often feel frustrated and stressed at this time of the year as they realize testing and grade-level transitions are on the horizon.

Students aren't the only ones dealing with stress though. Be sure to check in with your new teachers this month by:

  • Asking about self-care routines
  • Discussing classroom management issues (some resources included below)
  • Reviewing important deadlines before Spring Break
  • Reviewing Valentine's Day procedures
  • Observing lessons and providing feedback

February can be a rough month. Let your new teacher know what a great job they're doing and continue to be supportive and encouraging throughout the month. I've included resources I shared with new teachers below as conversation staters when you check in with them on classroom management. Thanks for all you do!