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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Your LMS

1. I Am Your Tech Rep

  • We have two Tech Reps: myself and Amy Scott.
  • I will handle teaching Digital Citizenship lessons again this year, but you need to cover it throughout the year, too.
  • Wayfind Assessment should be done in the Fall this year (less chaotic time of year)
  • Everyone needs to check/reset their profiles in Eduphoria. Make sure you choose the right campus.
  • I no longer have to be the go-between with you and Help Desk. If you have a problem, feel free to ask me for help, but I may send you to Help Desk.
  • Help Desk icon (fastest way) on B*Connect or ext. 39100
  • Student naming schemes will be the same. If a student can't login, log a ticket with Help Desk
  • We MUST be diligent about taking care of devices. Chromebook broken? Campus expense.
  • NEVER move a phone! Directions for logging into a phone are on B*Connect
  • I will pass out all tech equipment later this week (hopefully)

2. I Am A Teacher Librarian

This is my 21st year in education. I taught first grade for ten years before becoming a LMS. My first job description is that I TEACH. Please use me as a resource.

3. I Will Pull Materials For You

  • Please use this form to request materials from me this year.
  • Give me a couple of days notice, please.
  • Remember, I will find print AND digital resources for you. Just tell me what you need!

4. I LOVE to Collaborate!

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know when you have a project or lesson you would like help with.
  • We can plan together, create lessons together, and even implement our ideas together.
  • Let me take some of your burden.
  • I can also lead book studies. Currently have a group study set of books ready for a study...just ask about it!

5. I am the Keeper of the Symbaloo

  • What is Symbaloo?
  • Where can you find our Symbaloo?
  • Bookmark the Symbaloo
  • Let me know when changes are needed!

6. I Manage Many Reading Programs

  • Accelerated Reader- a few changes to come. Click here for a user guide
  • Texas Bluebonnet List
  • Great Texas Mosquito List
  • Name That Book Competition
  • Genre Bingo
  • End of Year Reading Celebration
  • Dog Tag program

7. Our Library is Getting Genre-fied!

  • What is genrefying?
  • How will this affect you/your students?
  • When will this be complete?

8. MackinVia is Our Friend

  • What is MackinVia?
  • How do you access MackinVia?
  • How will MackinVia help YOU?

9. Our Library Has Many Resources

  • Books (obviously)
  • ebooks
  • iPad apps
  • Big Books
  • Tumblebooks
  • Listening Station books
  • Adult Reading Section
  • Small Professional Section
  • Digital Resources Galore!

10. I Am Lovingly Known as The Book Diva

  • Love reading...children and adult
  • Manage many volunteers
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