Grace Parker--Goals and Aspirations

TOB 1-4 & 11 (6th hr.)

What do I want in life?

I want to learn and travel. I do not want to bore myself and keep myself here when God has created a whole world for us to explore. I want to be closer to God and grow away from my concupiscence (tendency to sin). I think that the only way that I can do that is to grow closer to the meaning of life and find the human experience. I would like to go to Africa and help those who do not have a voice. I want to speak for those who are oppressed. I also want to see the world. I want to find something that inspires me and bring out the human dignity that each person has. While seeing the world, I want to find something that I want to pursue for my job. I want to find something where I can travel, learn, and help others learn. I also want to learn more about the church, and point out the flaws that I see and come up with an explanation and have an understanding of why things are what they are. I hope to help other nations and people gain spiritual, political, and emotional freedom.

Who am I?

I am kind, loving, accepting, religious, out-going, confident, decisive, assertive, smart, and passionate about learning. I think that, out of many things, I do need to work on being more open, as well as my expectations for others, and I need to learn how to love more openly and authentically. "Their (Adam and Eve) sexual desire sprang from authentic love" (TOB 42). I want to love purely, like before the original sin. In this period in my life, I am not ready nor do I know how to love this way. And to be honest, I cannot be sure who I am until I am grown. Right now, I am still learning, and still growing. I try to always put Christ first in my life, and, though I am not completely sure where God is calling me, my vocation is maybe creating my own family someday. I am not perfect, and do have flaws, but I do have self motivation and team work, which I have learned through Cross Country, though at times lack the temperance that I should have.
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In 5 years or 10 years, where am I?

I hope in 5 years I am on an adventure, finding love as desire, attraction, and goodwill. I hope that I have found my spouse. And soon after, start a family and share my passions and desires with them. I want show them everything that I have to offer. I hope that I do not have a relationship with shamelessness and, one day, I hope to know and have the spousal meaning of the body. In 10 years, I hope my relationship with God is as strong as ever, and that I have redemption.

Sometimes, I feel as if God is out of reach, though God is omnipresent. I try to keep faith and pray when he seems distant.

But honestly, I do not know where I will be in 5-10 years. It is up to God and I will follow where he leads me. God doesn't tells us our plan for our whole life. It's established as we go along.

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