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Happy Mother's Day!

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Hi Families,

What a fun week we had! With our Cinco de Mayo Art Adventure celebration and Teacher Appreciation week, we enjoyed lots of great food and also enjoyed wearing fun themed clothes to school. We are beyond lucky to have such a wonderful PTO members who went above and beyond to make us feel special and appreciated. Thank you very much for participating in a big or little way.

Thank you to Mrs. Malczyk and Mrs. Russell for joining us on the Civil War field trip! The learned all about King Cotton, played a game to help realize the challenges slaves experienced on the Underground Railroad, explored the museum, watched a 360 movie on "Seeing the Elephant", and watched a one man play about William Herndon's perspective of his law partner, Abraham Lincoln. (Pictures to come!)

The ABC countdown continues this week! Students brought home a calendar earlier this week. Feel free to pick and choose the days to participate. Since we missed Career Day on Friday due to the field trip, students are more than welcome to dress up like their future career on Monday.

Here is the schedule:

They also received Six Flags tickets today if they participated in the Read to Succeed program.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Green and Ms. Ruiz


This week we continued to work with three dimensional shapes. We learned how to calculate the volume and surface area of rectangular prisms. We will continue practice with these concepts next week. Our test is tentatively scheduled for next Friday, May 14. There are online games the students can play at home on my class website.

Civil War

We finished 1864 this week. This is the year of "Sherman's March to the Sea." We read about how the South was starting to show weaknesses and William T. Sherman marched from the recently captured city of Atlanta all the way to Savannah, Georgia. We also learned about Lincoln's re-election and how he beat out his opponent (and former General!), George McClellan. Upon Lincoln's re-election, he planned to pursue restoration to the Union.

We will finish up our unit on the Civil War this next week with 1865 and Lincoln's Assassination.

Reminder: Archives Projects are due Tuesday, May 10.


We continued our work with informational picture books. Students are learning more techniques author's use to make informational picture books more interesting. They have continued building research for their topic.

Science Lab

This week in Science Lab,the students practiced using a microscope, measured with a dropper, used a graduated cylinder and other tools. They will continue learning about Chemistry for the next few weeks.


* ABC Countdown

* Cinco de Mayo Celebration

* Teacher's Appreciation Week

* Answer Man

* Battle Jeopardy

* Earning points for the North/South


  • Tuesday, May 10
  • Archives Projects Due

  • Saturday, May 14
  • HOH 5K

  • Thursday, May 19th
  • Open House 6:30-7:30

  • Monday, May 30th
  • Memorial Day