Blue Whales

By Makenzie reed

Blue whales

What do they look like ? Well , the body of a blue whale is a maximum of 98 feet long in the southren hemisphere and 89 feet in the northren hemisphere . Adult blue whales weigh approximately 360,000 lbs . Females are some larger than males . The body of the blue whale is tapered and streamlined to help increase the whales swimming speed. The coloration of a blue whale is blue-grey with lighter gray mottling on a darker background. The variation in the color patterns between whales helps identify
individuals. The underside of the flippers may be light colored or white , and the underside of the fluke is dark . Blue whales are the largest animals to ever live on earth . The largest blue whale ever recorded was 110 feet long and weighed nearly 200 tons .

The blue whale was named for its color , a bluish grey that looks aquamarine under the water . They are also called sulphur bottoms because of the color of the underside . The scientific name , Balaenoptera musculus , means two things . There are three types of blue whale , balaenoptera musculus , the pygmy .The blue whales body is smooth and mostly free of parasites. Blue whales live in all the oceans of the Blue whales live in all the oceans of the oceans of the world and pefer coastal shelf and oceanic. How long do they live ? Scientists think blue whales live for at least 80 - 90 years , possibly longer. Blue whales mainly eat krill. These largest of all animals make some of the most booming sounds of any whales .