South Carolina

Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places.

Slaves for profit

The South Carolina Colony allowed for religious freedom, but relied heavily on slavery for its prosperity in plantation farming. The South Carolina Colony's original settlers were English plantation owners who relied on slavery to keep their operations running and profitable.
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Great Place to Begin a Future

South Carolina is located along the Atlantic Ocean. Much of its soil is good for farming here. Before we started coming here with fellow other Europeans Native Americans called South Carolina home. From what we saw the most powerful Native Americans were the Cherokee Indians. They live mainly in the mountains in the northwest. We could clearly see The Cherokee were not to be messed with. They were clearly the largest and most powerful of all the Natives living here. Following Captain Joseph West we came to Port Royal and from there we began the first English settlement here in South Carolina. We named it Charles Town, after King Charles ll. Luckily we made a great living here. There are a lot of rich men in South Carolina. There are also many poor people as well. Women here usually work at home. The men are the ones in charge of the government and work the fields. Farming is a huge part of our economy. We have built large plantations that grew rice, indigo, and cotton. Soon after our colony became extremely successful. However, we were quickly hit with taxes by our motherland and a lot of us thought the taxes were unfair. This in turn led to a huge Revolution were we came out on top.