Mrs. Anderson's Newsletter

Keep the Letters Coming!

Please remember to ask three people to write to your child at school. If they can send a package, that is even better! We have already received a lot of packages and letters. Once every student has received their first piece of mail, they will all get to open their first letter or package and we will write back to the senders. The address is:

Van Elementary School

902 East Washington Street

Rensselaer, IN 47978

Attn: Mrs. Anderson and your child's name

Read-a-thon Continues...

Just a reminder that our read-a-thon is in full swing. Please ask friends and family for pledges for how many hours your child reads in September. Keep these pledge sheets until the end of the month. I will give you further instructions when we get to the end of the month.

Guest Experts

We will be having our first guest experts on Thursday and Friday! Lucy's dad will teach us about safety with electricity. Hannah's uncle will be talking to us about being in the military. I will be contacting others about visiting us in the near future. :)

Cursive Writing

We have finally practiced all of the cursive letters of the alphabet, but so far in isolation. We are going to go back through again with the regular loose-leaf paper and no middle dotted line. I have encouraged the kids to download some of the free cursive writing apps, such as "Cursive Words" if they want to practice at home.

Acuity Testing

In third grade, students begin taking the Acuity test. We will begin our first round this coming week. This test is designed to mirror the ISTEP test. It is something our school gives to help us see areas of strength and areas that need improvement.

PTA Fundraiser

Your child received a packet this week to fundraise for PTA. The goal is to purchase more playground equipment with the profits. These are due back to school on Friday, September 25th.