Stephen F. Austin

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An American Empresario

Stephen F. Austin was an American Empresario born on November 3, 1793. He was the most successful Empresario and was also the Father of Texas that colonized Texas by bringing 300 families from the United States. December 27, 1836. There are schools named after Stephen in honor.

Moses Austin

Moses Austin was the father of Stephen Austin. He was a leading American settler. He was born in 1761 in Connecticut, and he went on his own in 1783. He moved to Philadelphia where he ran a store that sold dry goods, like cloth and thread. His business grew and he opened another store in Richmond, Virginia. He bought a lead mine in Wythe County, Virginia. He then introduced new ways to mining led, and his name became the Lead King. His mine went into trouble and he moved West. He learned about rich lead deposits in the Louisiana Territory. He received a sitio of land, and also some lead mines. He ended up dying on June 10, 1821.

Stephen F. Austin's settlement

He was successful in Missouri and at the age of 21 he won a seat in the territorial legislature. He studied law in New Orleans. He found letters from Americans that wanted to join the colony and decided to create his colony. He offered land for 12.5 an acre and then later refunded it. Settlers who planned to farm could receive 177 acres per family. The people that chose to raise livestock received a sitio of land, which was also 4,428 acres. This was all good, but settlers had to pledge their loyalty to Mexico. They had to give up their rights as citizens of the United States and had to convert to Roman Catholic religion. But the settlers overlooked the rule of religion conversion, and no one had to change their religion. His settlement had no crime. He wanted to get respectable citizens for his colony.

Problems of the colony

When Stephen F. Austin was in Mexico City, the government was in turmoil. First one government collapsed, and then the other. Each time, Austin sought out the leaders and presented his plan for his colony. Overtime he ran out of money. He sold his watch and borrowed money. While he was in Mexico City, he wanted to learn about the Mexican people and their government.

Geographical Consideration

There were droughts. When the settlers planted seeds, no rain fell. It was at the worst problem. The Karankawas lived along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, which meant that each year they lived inland for a few months. They saw the colonists as intruders, and they battled with them. Few new colonists entered and settled in the colony.

Jose Maria Jesus Carbajal

Jose Maria Jesus Carbajal was an eye witness of Stephen F. Austin. He was mentored by Stephen during the creation of his colony. He was a Mexican freedom fighter who despised the Centralist government. He was born 1 of 11 children.