May 29th Student Wellness Activities

In order to help promote student wellness, Council Rock is providing weekly optional student wellness activities for all grade levels that can be completed either individually or with families on Fridays. The activities address the physical health, mental health, and social connectedness of our students.
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Primary (Grades K-3)

1.) How to Keep Your Body Healthy, Clean, & Fit
Explore how to stay fit and healthy through this fun interactional game link from Kids Educational Games by clicking this link:

2.) A Kite To Fly Your Worry AwayHere is a fun activity to release stress and worry. Have your child/family make a kite together. On its tail write down all the things that are worrying you, making you angry or just stressing you out! When you are finished go out and fly your kite! This is a great visualization of letting go of all the uncomfortable things kids are feeling. It also gives them a great distraction while they are building the kite.

3.) Identifying Diverse and Unique Friendship Qualities
Make a list of the unique qualities that you like most about your friends and family and let them know.


Intermediate (Grades 4-6)

1.) Child-Friendly Healthy Recipes
Explore and learn how to make healthy recipes the whole family can enjoy from Penn State PROWellness.

2.) Bite-Size Bedtime Stories
Listen to a calming and de-stressing story from Peaceout Podcast that can help you relax and even fall asleep.

3.) Tour the Louvre
Take a virtual tour of the Louvre, which is a famous museum in Paris! You can choose to explore many of the museum’s rooms, including one filled with Egyptian Antiquities.


Middle School (Grades 7-8)

1.) Fightmaster Yoga
Choose from lots of 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute yoga classes ranging from beginner to advanced. They include all different types of yoga, including classes for increased energy and classes to help you get ready for bed. Fightmaster Yoga

2.) Coping Calendar
As June approaches, use this calendar to apply an idea for every day of the month to help maintain your mental health by staying calm, wise, and kind.

3.) Scavenger Hunt website/app
Use this free website/app to create or participate in scavenger hunts. You can connect with family and friends while competing in a fun manner! Goosechase App


1.) Contact Those Who Inspire You
Email people you would like to be like, who are pursuing a college major or career you are interested in, for a “curiosity conversation.” With so much time available right now, it’s possible to pick the brains of people who are both successful at what they’re doing and love doing it.

2.) Pop Sugar Fitness
Choose from hundreds of workout videos from celebrity trainers. POPSUGAR Fitness

3.) Self-Compassion Test
Take this quiz to find out how self-compassionate you are. This website includes tips to improve your self-compassion in order to boost your level!

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