Shove off on an EPIC Adventure...

...and hoist those Gaming Sails!

Ready to transform your classroom into a place where adventure awaits?

Today's Steps:

1. Quickly introduce yourself to the members at your table. These are NOW your Guild members!

2. Come up with a Guild name and ONE person email me the following information for your group: (My email is

1) Guild Name (only one name per guild)

2) Guild Members first and last name AND their Fulton County Email (so I can send everyone emails to set up your avatars - online alter ego/personality).

3. Each guild member, click on the email I sent you and set up your avatars. Be sure to add yourself to the guild that you chose! (You can choose to be one of three different classes: Mage, Warrior or Healer....each has special unique powers).

What IS gamification and HOW do YOU game?

What are some of YOUR ideas?????

Let's game! We will use the paper and markers for this activity......NO technology allowed for this! (Because you don't always need tech in order to game).

First, we set sail for the White Mountains! It's time for the White Mountain Trek!

Top Guild wins 300 XP per guild member!

You will have FOUR minutes, during which time your guild will:

1. Come up with a one sentence definition for gamification.

2. List as many examples of real-world gamification that you can think of; be prepared to share HOW they are used. Put your avatar name next to the ones you actually participate in.

Open the SMORE for MORE! Type in the link below!

This link is for you to watch later..

An explorer is only an explorer once he or she sets off on a voyage of discovery! Exploration is the essence of the human spirit!

Gamification has the ability to transform not only the way we teach but the way students learn!

YOU can create fantastical learning experiences that send students on journeys that lead to destinations of untamed imagination, collaboration, creativity and ambition!

Sinking the Myths.....

Myth 1: Gamification is just playing games.

Truth: Gamification is about the exploration of course content and your crew and the journey you will take together.

Myth 2: My current classroom does not have the technology for gaming.

Truth: Gamification can include high tech, low tech and no tech.

Myth 3: Games in the classroom are too much about competition

Truth: Positive competition can inspire collaboration and motivate students to do their best!

Myth 4: I have to be a gamer in order to game!

Truth: NO! You are an explorer, remember?

Myth 5: Girls don't game!

Truth: Girls dominate the gaming world. Seriously!

More Truths....

The Power of PLAY brings back the natural desire to discover and learn that lies within each of us!

All great explorers were indeed visionaries, risk takers, determined adventurers and loved a challenge that would take them to a new level of understanding!

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Welcome to Classcraft!

Classcraft is an incredible voyage for ALL! As students learn, they can level up and earn rewards both individually and as guilds (teams) as they do. The game will transform THEIR learning experience and YOUR teaching, too!
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Making a PLE an Epic Reality for your classroom using gamification.......

Rotation Ideas:

1. Seek (Just in time instruction with teacher and/or student peers)

2. Soar (Student choice and voice - quests that include both technology and traditional options based on learning styles and student passions; can include Edgenuity, Discovery Education, Safari Montage, RedBird, etc.))

3. Strategize (Flex time to work on any task not completed or additional tasks to refine/extend knowledge base)

4. Sync (Student small groups participate in a STEM or STEAM problem-solving challenge)

Setting up a free teacher account to bring the adventure to your students......

Simple Steps:

1. Click teacher

2. Complete the teacher sign up form (name, username, pass word). You may use your Fulton county email ONCE I have deleted you from the class from today.

3. Cost?

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