Connections from Literature & Time

By: Paige, Jasmine, Mark

The Lady of the Tiger: Jazmyne

The royal families had to get married to other royal families because it wasn't right to marry a servant or someone poor. In the 1850-1890's there were major issues with immigration, slavery & more violence resulting in the civil war. In the 1860s when Andrew Johnson was president he passed the black codes law which was an act that stated what the blacks could and couldn't do. One of the ones where that blacks could not marry whites because the blacks weren't counted as a person.

The Randsom of the Red Cheif: Mark

The end of the civil war resulted in a new sense of prosperity and freedom. The kidnappers in this story were very naive and didn't really know what they were getting into since there were hardly set in stone laws. In this time period, 1910-1930's there was a lot of crimes happening, and more money being involved. Manufactoring was increased so more products were in stock, meaning companies were making more money and those of which are ran by the wealthy. Therefore, there was sometimes controversy between them and people with lower income jobs that involved more work. In this story, The Randsom of the Red Cheif portrayed two men who kidnapped a child of a rich man to get the money they needed, but despite their sense of revenge, no crimes end well.

The Yellow Wallpaper: Paige

My story connects to the time period, 1890-1910's by showing an issue that was hardly given attention to. The author really gives a sense of irony and illusion by taking all of the events happening and being noticed in that time and putting it to the side to reveal something that is just as important but needs to be referred to as well. Woman suffrage is the theme of this story. Although, there's more things going on throughout this time like immigration at Ellis Island and multiple wars, still the Authors reflects those things by showing a woman's experience and pain almost how those events affected them.