CWTC Strategic Initiative Update

October 2015

Initiative One

Identify all areas of the transition continuum and gather information, including other districts/counties/states.

  • Create survey
  • Compile data
  • Develop continuum list

Initiative Two

Assess and identify gaps in transition opportunities.

  • Create survey
  • Compile results
  • Present at next CWTC meeting

Initiative Three

Identify resources and potential relationships with community agencies and businesses.

  • Develop a list of resources/agencies
  • Contact resources/agencies to determine services

Initiative Four

Identify a framework for work-based learning opportunities with local businesses.

  • Collect data
  • Compile/organize results
  • Share with Transition Representatives

Intiative Five

Educate stakeholders about all opportunities available.

  • Adapt/develop resource guide for agencies
  • Explore other counties transition document/tools that will communicate what is available to stakeholders
  • Develop a list of stakeholders that we need to communicate with

Initiative Six

Identify existing funding sources, foundations, grants, donations and fiscal priorities.

  • Identify subgroups to determine effectiveness
  • Identify existing funding sources
  • Create a living document

Next CWTC Meeting

January 28, 2016

GISD Davis Education Center

Room 102 A/B


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