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June 12, 2017

Important Information for You!

And the School Year was Down to 10 Days and Counting....

I can't believe that we are down to 10 days of school! Just a couple of important reminders...first, there are still 10 days of school and while there are many 'fun' activities happening at the classroom and building levels it is important to maintain as much consistency as possible. This includes classroom arrangements and decor. I do not want to see bare classrooms as this sends the message that 'school is over'. Additionally, teachers should not be working on records, report cards, or other end of year duties while students are in the classroom...this also means we shouldn't be showing an abundance of movies. Remember, that you technically have three half days to complete all of these activities and teaching is not an hourly job. I know many of you want to check out and be done on June 23rd and I totally get that, but we owe it to our students to give them 100% until the end.

Additionally, remember that for some of our most at-risk students summer is not always a fun and joyful time. For some this means the end of daily breakfast and lunch, a structured routine, and safe environment. Please keep this in mind as you may see changes in student behavior. If there is a situation that we should be mindful of or that we can assist with, please let me know.

Thank you for staying committed to our students! You are the best!

Field Day Information

On Friday, we put a schedule, reminder, and map in your mailboxes. Please review it carefully. Here are just a couple of extra 'things':

  1. Brag Tags-Each student who participates in Field Day will get a brag tag for their backpack. A baggie with brag tags will be put in your mailbox. If you have extra, please just return them to the office.
  2. Water- You should start by giving each child a bottle of water with their name to carry with them. We have had a lot of water donated, so we will have additional water bottles in coolers at both of the rest stations and students may have another bottle of water if they have finished theirs when they get to those stations. Please be sure your 'parent monitors' are aware of this. It is going to be hot and we want to keep the kids well hydrated.
  3. Sign outs-For afternoon field day classrooms, we will have classroom sign out sheets. Hopefully, morning parents will not be taking their child home at the end of field day, but if morning parents choose to do so, they will need to sign them out in the office and the child will be called down.
  4. Staff Attire-Due to the hot weather that is forecasted...staff may wear shorts and tennis shoes. Please wear your Thomson "Staff" t-shirt as well.
Thank you to Jim and Roy for coming in Saturday to get everything mowed and staged! Here's to a great day!

5D+ End of Year Meetings & Formal Evaluations

This week and next, I will be working to complete and meet with teachers for end of year data review and evaluations. Due to the limited time between getting student growth data and the end of the year, Anna will be scheduling meeting times with some of you and we will be getting a floating sub for Tuesday, June 20th in order to get all the meetings in. While this is our first time through the 5D+ Summative Evaluation Process and I am not totally sure what to expect, I anticipate it taking approximately 45 minutes for meetings that include a Formal Summative Evaluation. If Anna does not set up a time for you, you can assume that I will meet with you June 20th. There is a very small chance that I may need to meet with some of you the afternoon of June 22nd or 23rd, but this will be avoided if at all possible.

You will also be receiving an email of Eric Chorley next week with your classrooms student growth data. As you look through your classrooms data, if you have any questions about your data please see me not email Eric. If we can't figure it out, I will get in contact with him.

End of the Year Count Down

Monday we kick-off the SUMMERTIME Count Down!

  • Monday, June 12-S-Sports Day-Field Day
  • Tuesday, June 13-U-Up in the Air Day-Students will make paper airplanes, blow bubbles up in the air, make art that incorporates the air
  • Wednesday, June 14-M-Math Day-Students will participate in Math activities all day.
  • Thursday, June 15-M-Make a Shirt Day-Students will decorate their t-shirts for the Color Run to be held on Monday, June 19...t-shirts will remain at school
  • Friday, June 16-E-Experience Day-Students will participate in extra science experiments throughout the day
  • Monday, June 19-R-Run Day-Students will participate in the PTO sponsored Color Run
  • Tuesday, June 20-T-Teddy Bear Day-Students will be allowed to bring a Teddy Bear to school and wear their Teddy Thomson wear
  • Wednesday, June 21-I-Inside Out Day-Students can wear their clothes inside out
  • Thursday, June 22-M-Music Day-Students will participate in extra musically activities in their classrooms
  • Friday, June 23-E-Exit Day-Students will clean out their desks and exit school for summer vacation

Quotes Worth Reading

"Don't compare your life to others. There is not comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it is their time."


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Celebrations & Announcements

Birthdays: Lori O'Brien, June 17th...Happy, happy birthday to you!

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, June 12th-Sports Day/Field Day
  • Friday, June 16th-End of the Year Staff Luncheon, Table of Honor
  • Monday, June 19th-Color Run
  • Thursday, June 22nd-End of Year Staff Luncheon
  • Friday, June 23rd-Report Card Grades due by 9:00 a.m.; Teacher Check-out will start at 2:00 p.m.