Apps For Mobile Learning

For Use in K-12 Classrooms


Below are 5 mobile apps that may be used to support personal mLearning.

Journal Jar

Journal Jar is a simple app that enhances students' creative writing. Students would simply shake their mobile devices and a writing prompt will appear.

At the start of every class, students would have 10 minutes to write a brief journal entry on the topic that they receive from the app. To increase the difficulty of this exercise, add a minimum entry length, perhaps one page. By doing this, students have practice thinking on the spot.

Free Journal Topics Jar App - How To Get Ideas for Journal Writing


Audioboo is an app that allows you to create and share podcasts. The podcasts created can be subscribed to on iTunes, so students and parents can easily access them.

There are various ways Audioboo can be used in the classroom. One example would be to create an assignment where students must create a short 5 minute podcast about a local news story of their choice. The podcasts would be shown to the class, and parents would have access to them through social media or iTunes.

Intro to Audioboo


Mobl21 is a study app used to create content that students can access anywhere using their mobile devices. Educators can create study guides using flashcards and quizzes.

Prepare micro lessons on any subject for students to study whenever and wherever. There's such easy access to the learning material through this app, so students can study on the go.

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MindBlowing App For Idevices

MindBlowing is a multimedia mindmap app that allows for multiple means of representation. Students collect video clips, images, and audio to create a mindmap to display their information.

Students can use the MindBlowing app to display their information on a topic of interest. Each student, or each group of students, would choose their own topic. So for example, topics could consist of global warming, the Renaissance, current events, etc. Students would then research and find different types of multimedia to create a mindmap which they would share to the class. Students would have the chance to learn about topics that their classmates really enjoy. So overall, learning is taking place in all directions.


Duolingo is a language learning app. This app has games and activities to make learning a new language easy and fun. It also has a translation feature.

Duolingo has games and activities where you earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. So one way to implement this app to enhance learning in the classroom is to create a friendly competition during class. This ensures that students are engaged and are having fun while learning the language.

Duolingo Intro