Reading the text in all genres

6th grade ELA

Nonfiction Text Features:

Not all nonfiction is the same. How the words look are different, how it is organized and what its purpose is makes it all different.

Bold printed words-usually show that it is a vocabulary word, or important

Underlined words-make certain that you pay attention to them when they are written on a bill

Italicized words-these usually are there to show they are a vocabulary word in my science textbook or sometimes on the front of a book it shows it as the subtitle.

Highlighted words-when a word or words are highlighted, it is usually because the information needs to be remembered or it is showing an alert of some type. My allergies are highlighted on my chart in the doctor's office.

Bullets/Numbered words-if something begins with a bullet, it is sharing a list of items or things in order of importance. I see this often when writing a grocery list, or looking up a recipe.