We have to protest!!!

This is flat out wrong!

About Chase

I am 7 years old and I live in Alabama. I like to read and school work. I am from Europe. I moved here when i was 4. I love America. My favorite sport team are the Tennessee Vols for college football, the New York Giants for the NFL, the Angels for the MLB, Vanderbilt for college baseball, Kentucky for college basketball, and the Cavaliers for the NBA.

Their targeting the immigrants

Their just trying to get rid of the immigrants. They're not even gonna to let us go to court. They are going against what the constitution says. They can just arrest us for no reason. They even made our time to be a U.S. citizen longer. He can order us out of the country when we haven't done anything wrong. They outlawed sedition too. We have to protest before this goes too far. Next thing you know they are going to outlaw breathing.
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